This is the day tha tthe Lord has made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

~New Cabinet for a new little addition……………




I knew that a new little friend would be arriving soon, so I had a little help from my hubby to make a this adorable little pantry for our new addition. I knew the kind of cabinet that I wanted. It had to be red, and it had to be a two door cabinet. You see it it is built after one that hubby had made me back in NH many years ago. The old cabinet was very large and held all of my special decorating items for the big New Englander that we used to have. It contained all of my seasonal flags, Christmas decorations, fragile ornaments, all of  the items that I had made in ceramics through the years and my special dishes that I received from my mother and father. This cabinet was too large to move across country, so it didn’t come with us. It did however go to some good friends home that I am sure will cherish it as I did. This little cabinet captures the  homey feeling so well that I am sure that our new addition will simply love it.


So who is this new addition you may ask…………….


Here he is  along side of his new cabinet! Isn’t he simply adorable??!!  He came with all of the little extra accessories to change out with the seasons.


This is what I received as a trade with Carol. Carol is the lucky person that won my Santa in my giveaway last week. She had also mentioned that she liked my scarecrows that I created, so we did a swap. Carol makes the most wonderful little creatures. Such a talented lady, with such creativity and perfection in her work. I had only described what I would like her to make and she immediately got to work and created this little box of treasures for me! When I received the box and opened it, my son said”Mom, that is sooo you!!”. It  was like Carol had known me  forever. The mouse and all of the seasonal decorations are simply amazing! Thank you Carol for your wonderful little addition to our home. I guess that “I” am the lucky one- to meet such talented new friends from all over the country.

Life is good!


Life is good!mouse-10


Wishing you a blessed weekend. Stay safe all of my East Coast friends and family. Batten down the hatches as my mother used to say when a North Easter was headed our way.


Monday, August 22, 2011

looking forward to a better week……



If you would create something,
you must be something.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




Every artist was first an amateur.
Ralph Waldo Emerson



Wishing you a Blessed week


Friday, August 19, 2011

sickness, the scare of my life and oh yeah….a winner!!!



~the past few weeks have been very crazy here. It all started when our youngest son had to go to UC Davis for a few tests for his stomach issues. The University Hospital is about three hours from our house. We arrived the night before the tests and he was having sore throat issues and a fever. We made sure to ask if he would be ok for the test and they assured us he would. After the tests he was really out of  it and slept most of the day. That evening he was really complaining of a sore throat and difficulty swallowing. During the night he was having trouble swallowing so bad that we took him to the emergency room. The Drs.  put him above the ambulances that were arriving as we were and started and IV right away. We got a little scared. They drew blood and we waited. The Dr came into talk to us about admitting him. Long story short he had mono and strep throat. His tonsils were so closed they almost needed to put a tube in to stop it from closing. He was having pancreas issues form the mono and went without food for a week. He was in the hospital from Tuesday  through Saturday.

On Friday evening after a stressful week of  dealing with that and being at the hospital continuously, I had the scare of my life! We came home from the hospital and my husband went to change out of his work clothes . He had been gone for a little bit so my older son and I started looking for him and calling him. We looked in the bedroom, outside, no answer. I went into the bedroom again and around the bed and he was lying on the floor passed out. You can imagine what went through my mind! We called him and aroused him onto the bed and called 911. We soon realized that we would be able to get him to the emergency room before and ambulance could arrive. He was very out of it and was scaring us badly. After an emergency room exam he was admitted around four am. Day after day of testing and still they found no reason for why that had happened. Tuesday morning they decided that they would discharge him because everything turned up well. He is home now and back to work, but my mind still lingers to that spot where we found him, what if it happens again, while driving……….no answers. Just a simple faith that says it wasn’t his time, and I can’t go on in fear when I know that God has a plan and we will never know all of the details. “This is the day that the Lord has made we shall rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24. My mother would wake my brothers and sisters and I up with this verse every morning.



Now onto happier times……..


We have a winner for our Santa  give-away!!!!!!


The winner is Carol. She has been notified and as soon as I receive her address this adorable Santa will be on its way to her. A big thank you to all who entered and shared my blog and to all of the new friends that I have made along the way. Keep checking back, because I have received so much positive feed back  that  I am thinking  another “fall giveaway” is in order. Thank you again for all of your kind words and support!!

Blessings~ Sara

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2 days left to enter……………




See the post below to comment and enter to win this adorable Santa!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I cultivate my garden, and my garden cultivates me.




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“As for marigolds, poppies, hollyhocks, and valorous sunflowers, we shall never have a garden without them, both for their own sake, and for the sake of old-fashioned folks, who used to love them.” …… Henry Ward Beecher









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I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself.  And I find sufficient purpose for my day.  ~Robert Brault

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Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden.  ~Robert Brault

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Thanks for stopping by today!

Hope that you are enjoying your August garden.


~~~Don’t forget to enter the Santa drawing.~~~

Thursday, August 4, 2011

****Santa Claus may be coming to your town…..give-away *****



~I have been in the fall and Christmas mode lately and have been “creating “ some new items listed on my etsy account.  I would love to share them with you, so with that in mind I am having a giveaway!!! Yes! I know it’s not Christmas in July, but it could be Christmas in August! Why not?? Winning something is wonderful any time of the year!!


So here he is!! Santa Claus….isn’t he adorable???

Wouldn’t he look great greeting all of your family and friends this Christmas season??!! He is a large Santa, he measures 30 inches long and 18 inches across. He could hang on your door, on a fence, on your garage, on your potting shed, porch or you could also bring him inside. He is all custom designed by me, I make my own patterns for all of the items that I create. He is hand painted and coated to withstand the  great outdoors. He is listed on etsy, so by chance you don’t happen to win you can also purchase one there as well.


He is adorable, I love the eyebrows. I know you would love to win him!


Ok……so here are the rules.

1.- You must become a follower. Just click on to the side button that says join this site, you have to scroll down a little. You can follow with you e-mail even if you aren’t a blogger.

2.- You must leave a comment here on this blog, only those who do will be entered into the drawing. (I would love to know what y0ur favorite item is that is listed on my etsy account. You can click on the side bar that says etsy listing to get to, salmonfallsprims shop.) To leave a comment go to the bottom of this post and click leave a comment, follow it down til it days post comment.

3.- You must put this on your sidebar letting others know of this drawing. If you don’t have a blog than you can “share” this post on your facebook. Just go to my facebook page- salmonfallsprims cocarus, and click share from the post about it there.

4.- To get a second entry into the drawing, you must refer a friend- make sure they leave me a comment saying that you referred them. Another way is to make a blog about my give-away on your blog for all to see. Let’s spread the “Christmas  Cheer “- “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear” (sorry I love the movie Elf)


That’s the rules! The contest will last until August  18th at midnight . I will pick a winner August 19th. Make sure you leave me your e-mail or some way to contact you. If I can’t contact you another winner will be drawn . Thank you to all who enter and become “friends” I look forward to meeting you all.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Santa??? Already???……

"Creativity is the ability to see what could be, what was not, and what will be. It is the ability to mold thought, passion, and desire into a gift." -D.Williams

~Just a few more pics……really…….soon….. really soon I will have a pic of the give away. It takes so long to totally “finish” something. It always seems that there is one more thing to do. Give away coming …..Soon….



Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate all of the nice comments that I receive. I am always looking for your feedback.  Blessings for a wonderful week  ~Sara