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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Children’s items


This is a collection of some of our children’s creations. These are specifically made to help you in your decorating needs. This gives you more options for incorporating children’s play items and seating area’s into your home.



These items are designed to go with the American Girls Doll collection or any other 18” dolls.






Children’s play kitchen’s






blog-27 (2)


Play Table with Table top covering and benches.

These are customized to include your favorite ball field, places to visit,  stores, ice-cream shop, beach, golf course, etc.

blog-30 (2)

Just put the top on when done playing to create a play table.or use as your coffee table.


Child’s settle bench


Sawbuck table and storage chairs




Thank you for visiting today. If you know of anyone who would benefit from any of these items, please share. You can see other items on my etsy. Click here to go there.

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Blessings ~Sara

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An apology, some of life and swap goodies!!


First of all I would like to apologize for not getting back to everyone. I don’t always take the time to email each of you back, after you leave me such wonderful comments. I do however follow you all back and try to leave comments on your posts(I know I have been slacking in that area as well lately). Sometimes life is crazy. So thank you all so much for your sweet comments. I appreciate all of you.


We have had a full week here. We were preparing for the Strawberry Festival and that took lots of time and energy. We are very grateful that it went really well. I will share a few pics from the day. It was really warm and sunny and we got a little sunburned.







Some fun things to create were these two below…….


This Secret Garden Gate is so adorable! Love this….


and this ….. head board and foot board……was turned into this below.





We also took time for some “family fun”!!

A Memorial Day barbecue at our daughter Liz’ home. She and her husband Roy are very hospitable and love to entertain.




They had invited the guys from work and their families. They all work for The United States Bureau of Reclamation.(This includes the operation of the Dams as they provide water supply to the State, irrigation and also hydroelectric power generation here in the West) All of the guys and most of the women were veterans and have all served in some branch of the military. All are away from their extended families and it was such fun to share the day with them all.


Our son-in-laws served in the Navy together and now they get to work together.


You can see the children all lined up watching the games and the fire. They were all so well behaved.

These are my little cuties!


So Patriotic!!


Thank you Liz and Roy for hosting and to everyone else who helped make it a wonderful day! And thank you again to all who are serving or have served in this wonderful country of ours! There are so many people who are affected by the military service, children, families, etc. It is hard on lots of people. I know how it has affected our immediate family. Others that have had a wife leave them while in Kuwait, and were away for so long, children that grow up hundreds of miles away from their divorced Dad. Mother’s and daughters hundreds of miles away from each other, and on and on …….


America, America, God shed HIS grace on Thee……


And then I received this box of swap goodies in the mail!! How fun. This was from the What's all the Buzz about ~ bug swap that Wendy from Ravenwood Whimsies Primitive and Country Crafts hosted. My partner was Maria (Wendy’s daughter-in-law) from She is a young artist and has some wonderful creations. You can find her by clicking on the pic below.


This is the cute box of goodies that she sent! She designed the pattern for the “bug”, isn’t he cute??!! The sheep is just wonderful~ I love him!!



Garden pics with chalk, and adorable Americana bowls(one was broke Sad smile) But this one goes so well with the  other dishes in my hutch.


Thank you so much Maria!! It was so much fun to do a swap with you and you are so thoughtful. Love everything!! I sure hope that you like what I sent you!


Blessings ~Sara

Friday, May 25, 2012

Are you proud to be an American??

Great God! We thank Thee for this home,
  This bounteous birthland of the free,
    Where wanderers from afar may come,
      And breathe the air of liberty;
        Still may her flowers untrampled spring,
          Her harvests wave, her cities rise,
            And yet, till time shall fold her wing,
              Remain earth's loveliest paradise.
                Give me the death of those
                  Who for their country die;
                    And oh, be mine like-their repose,
                      As cold and low they lie.
                        Their loveliest mother earth
                          Enshrines the fallen brave;
                            In her sweet lap who gave them birth,
                              They find a tranquil grave.
      - Col. T.A. Green

So thankful for all who are serving or have served this wonderful country of ours. Thankful for all of your prayers for my brother Matthew who is active duty in the Army and also on the weekends once a month for the Reserves. He is continuing to heal, but please pray for total healing. His son Jeremy is active duty and returned recently from  Afghanistan. The reason that we are here in California is the result of our daughters marrying two Navy guys who were serving their time on the East Coast aboard a submarine stationed at the Portsmouth Navel Ship Yard. Thank you Joshua and Roy for your service and for being the best Dad’s ever to my adorable grandchildren.



This picture is from one of the lucky recipients of one of our giveaways. Thank you for the picture Helen. I think it looks so nice on her home.


Everyone has received all of there goodies and have shared pics with us. We are so happy that everyone liked what they received. For inquiring minds this is what  was sent for the giveaway wins.

an Uncle Sam…….


an American Flag with Eagle………


two different America Buntings……



and an  Uncle Sam top Hat……….


Do you all have your homes decorated for this special weekend? Remember to pause for a moment and think  about those that given so much so that we could have our freedoms. (That we take for granted)

I remember when I was young, my grandfather would take us to the parades and teach us how to be respectful. I will never forget his teachings. We would also take care of the graves at the cemetery. He would take us by the hand and show us the grave markings and how to walk respectfully in the cemetery and not step on anyone else plot.



We will be at the Happy Valley Strawberry Festival this Saturday. This show is a first for us, so it will be a fun adventure. If you are in the area stop by, we would love to meet you.


Wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Blessings ~Sara

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

II Chronicles 7:14

Friday, May 18, 2012

What I have discovered! (with lots of pics)



I have discovered in life that sometimes  you just have to go with the flow. I am the kind of person that  has lists, wants to accomplish all kinds of things, and I need to remind myself that I need to stop and smell the roses.


Well in this case I need to stop and take time for people ~ family!


This morning it is a gorgeous sunny morning. The windows and doors are open and there is a breeze blowing through. I am stopping life just to enjoy it. I am thinking about the HOT summer that is ahead of us here in Northern California, the anticipation of  the heat is helping me realize that this breeze is not to be taken for granted. I will savor a few moments with my coffee and sit on the patio and enjoy the garden for a few minutes…….. and maybe cake for breakfast…hhhmmmm Would you like to join me? I made homemade chocolate cake for Krysten’s birthday. There is a little left to share.


GEDC1126 (2)

The flowers are beautiful!


Well back to reality. It has been a busy week. So much to share! Where do I start??? Well first of all our youngest son Timothy and his girlfriend Krysten went to her Prom on Saturday evening. They were so adorable all dressed up. They made the rounds to parents and grandparents for some really nice photo shoots. I won’t bore you with too many, but you know I will have to share a few, as any good mom would.


Pics at her grandparents home.



And of course…..airplanes! Timothy has had a few flying lessons and is still contemplating being a pilot.(scares me to death!)

tand kryste


They stopped in to visit her Dad at work. They are so thoughtful.


savoring the moments…………………….


As I mentioned in a previous post, our daughter and son-in-law have bought a new home. I it not very far from us and we are excited that they will be close from now on. We have had the grand's this week on a few different occasions. The final paperwork, moving etc.

moving day

So much to do ! They are so tired.



The development is on a hill and over looks the city.

Here is a quick pic.

Ambs house

Love the inside as well!! Crown molding, tray ceiling, columns.....


I have been trying to keep up with things…… Packages sent. Giveaways pkgs have gone out, orders are shipped. (A huge thank you to hubby for all of his help with this. He cuts most things for me, and does most of the shipping. Thank you hun!!)GEDC1115

Just when I thought I was caught up, I woke up to another order on etsy. I am not complaining at all. I am so thankful for the business!! We are planning a trip Back East for a family reunion (it has been four years since we have been back). We miss everyone so much! We are trying to drum up a little more business to help cover the cost of our travels and stay in NH. We would appreciate it so if you would share our info with anyone that you know that may be interested in our made in America products. I have designed a few new Americana items as well as several other items, signs, garden pics etc. Lots of wonderful yard décor and gift ideas. They can be found on our etsy; on our facebook page at salmonfallsprims cocarus, or you can email me if you see something you are interested in. We specialize in custom orders.


Thank you all so much!!


I will share a few of the creations with you. I won’t show you exactly what was sent for the giveaways. I will let them share with you. But it may be one of these items…….


hand painted colonial flag on twig stick


all different kinds of American flags





Uncle Sam ~ Small ones ………


and large ones……






One of a kind creations……






outdoor décor…..



GEDC1126 (2)




Thank you all for your care and support. Blessings for a relaxing weekend ~SaraGEDC1114