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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter recipes

After a busy Easter weekend, I just wanted to share a few recipes and pics from the day. One of the favorites of one of my sons is watergate salad. He would like this at each and every holiday dinner, although we usually reserve this for spring. I is a sugary fluffy side dish that goes quite well with our ham and turkey. The ingredients for watergate salad are: cool whip; pistachio pudding mix; one can of crushed pineapple; and a few miniature marshmallows. All you do is combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well, it is pretty simple to do and we usually let the younger children mix it up. Something else that I tried this year is a bunny bread, it begins with frozen bread dough which I usually make into rolls, but this year I wanted to try something different. I began by thawing the bread dough until it was soft and I then cut it into different size pieces, and arranged it onto a greased cookie sheet. I added cloves for the eyes and nose, but you could use raisins or anything else. Enjoy y0ur day! ~ Sara

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