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Friday, July 13, 2012

Fireworks on the lake……………..

………fireworks on the beach, great scenery, lots of family and friends, yummy food and plenty of love to go around!! Successful vacation!!!


Aaaahhhh New England ….


          ~a whirlwind time in New England. Up early, drop into bed late, fill each day with as much as possible. We didn’t want to miss a thing. So many places to go and people to see. We had an amazing hostess, my sister in law Claire was so gracious to have us stay with her. We had such a great time catching up and spending time with family. She made us feel so welcome and provided a place for lots of family get-togethers. She and her daughter organized the family reunion that we had while we were there. A wonderful place on the river for family to gather and reminisce! I have lots of pics to share with you. I will try to break it up as to not bore you too much. Come along for a little tour of  New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts's. Lakes, Sea Coast, scenery and of course a few family and friends. It will take a few posts to get it all in, so be sure to stop back again and see what else we have been up to. Well let’s begin the day we arrived. We went directly to see family!


Lake Winnipesaukee



Landed in Boston~ This is our son Timothy. He grabbed our carryon bags, and took off to get our luggage! He was so excited and anxious to “get a move on” and start vacation!


Such beautiful weather!


Here he is….so happy to be in New Hampshire and to see many Aunt’s and Uncle’s and family!




Fireworks on Lake Winnipesaukee was always a family tradition for as long as we have had children. We would meet extended family from all over the state here every year on July 3rd. This year my brother Matt and his wife Cindy were also here, joining us from North Carolina.



The Fourth of July~ family breakfast, parade, Lostah In The Rough to see one of my hubby’s friends, and then off to York Beach Maine for fireworks on the beach with family. (full days!)



This is Jimmy D, He and Hubby were childhood friends and were also in a band in high school. We were able to enjoy his music, some seafood, horseshoes and relaxation in the fresh beach air for the afternoon.




York Beach Maine~ Short Sands


Goldenrod~ making the salt water taffy kisses…..





The Beach Life…..



Feet in the Sand…GEDC0102


The Atlantic Ocean!!!


Jumping the waves with my granddaughter.





The heart can think of no devotion
Greater than being shore to ocean -
Holding the curve of one position,
Counting an endless repetition.

~Robert Frost




Fireworks on the beach….



Thank you to all who prayed for our safe travels! I really do not like to fly(understatement~ white knuckles from holding on to the seats my son in law says). Our flight to NY and then on to Boston wasn’t the best! Lot of turbulence and motion sickness, but the return flight was a little less eventful, even after learning our plane was having issues and they would need to find us a new plane. An hour delay and we were on our way back to the West Coast.


I have a lot more pics to share with you, our family reunion, visit to Kennebunkport Maine and the Walker Homestead of President Busch. More beach and scenery of Southern New Hampshire. I am trying to get caught up on all of your blogs, it may take me a while though. I feel like I am always two steps behind. I am still trying to get over the exhaustion from the time change and emotion of it all. I also have orders to work on and some Fall creating to do.

Thank you for taking time to share my vacation pics with me. I hope that you are all doing well and enjoying the summer season. (I returned to temps of 107 degrees our first day home.)     

beach sneak peak of what’s to come…


Blessings ~Sara


  1. Welcome home Sara! I am so happy that you had a good time, made the flying worth it...right? lol Loved seeing all of the pictures and can't wait to see more. Have a great weekend,
    Be blessed,

  2. Hi Sara,

    A dream for me is to visit New England! I've heard that Boston is just awesome! I really enjoyed your pictures. It looks so charming and beautiful!

    I'm not crazy about flying either!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your very sweet comment.

    Have a great weekend! :)


  3. Hi.. So glad to see you had such a wonderful time and to think you were only a few hours away from me...
    Perhaps next time..
    God bless..

  4. Hello Sara,

    Loved your fourth of July pictures, you seem to have had a marvellous time!
    First time on your blog, and I loved it very much!Salmon Falls seems to be such a nice place. Following you now!

    Please do visit my health and lifestyle blog, and if you like it, please do follow! Thank you!


  5. Sara, You are so lucky to have vacationed in my FAVORITE part of the world. I Love New England and looks like your visit was perfect.
    Have a Blessed Day with LOTS of Peace, Barb

  6. Well, now it's official... your pics have convinced me... I WANT to travel (with the aide of motion sickness meds) Since we have a new travel camper, I think I'm up for some traveling Northward. I'd love to travel the coast line from Georgia to Maine - Do I Hear Road Trip??

  7. What wonderful pictures from your trip.
    So happy you had a wonderful family time.
    My fav photo was you and your granny girl.

  8. It did my heart good to see you!! Wish we could have visited longer!! I love you guys!