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Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving~ Blessed



Before we move on to Christmas I wanted to share some pics of Thanksgiving and let you know what has been going on with us.


Fall decorating~





I couldn’t decide between the different looks. I guess I am constantly changing things so it will be different soon. We are empty nesters now. We had four children, ailing parents, a dog and 3 cats for so many years. Now it is just Craig and I and our cat named Puppy. So we only cook a couple times a week. We are still trying to get used to that. So I can leave the stove board on to look nice for a few days.





some fall favorites~ pumpkin bread


Pumpkin pie~

pumpkin pi

apple cake muffins~

apple cake

Now we just need to add a few family and friends~ this is my give thanks tree from last year. Old pics of family and friends as well as things we are thankful for.

tgiv tree

tg tre


~ and work on my well dressed bird



And a little of what is going on here~

First thank you all for your concern, thoughts and prayers. I have received so many wonderful emails form friends letting me know that they are thinking of me or praying. I so appreciate all of the caring friends that I have made here.  My husband Craig has been struggling with pneumonia. He just wasn’t getting enough rest and it was just wiping him out. We are still praying it isn’t anything more. He needs to have a follow up test to be sure it is gone( it  isn’t  totally gone yet). So with that being said, he missed some time from work, so he was "let go" from his job. They said he missed too much time and they want him to get better.. His Dr was only in on Monday , and his day off was Tuesday. They wouldn't switch days or let him use his vacation time for dr visits. He was also so stressed with that job. He worked from 8:30 - 8 everyday. He had no time to do any regular things, or have dinner at a reasonable hour. Hopefully he will be able to collect unemployment, they said he was re-hirable after he was better. You know how those things go. Well hopefully business will pick up and we can make a little that way to survive. One day at a time. If you know of any one that would be interested in our creations please send them our way. Just in time for Christmas.


Well back into the shop~

we need to turn this….



into this….



and finish a few whole sale orders…..


and prepare for an OLDE FASHIONED CHRISTMAS GATHERING tomorrow here in our home.


Stop on over to Facebook to see more pics. We are also on etsy as well.


Thanks for stopping by~



  1. Evening Sara, the house looks warm and welcoming all ready for Thanksgiving.......great picture of the dressed Turkey, tee hee.......Thoughts and prayers still sending your way.......Blessings Francine.

  2. Sara, first of all your Thanksgiving decorations are just beautiful. Everyone of them. Love your stove board. Puppy is so pretty. Second, I am so sorry about your husband. More for his illness, than losing his job. Hopefully he will be better soon. Lets pray there is a better job waiting. A company that won't work with an employee who is sick, doesn't deserve a good employee. I have learner when God closes a door He will open a window. Thirdly, I will continue to pray for a wonderful outcome. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Sara, Your homestead is BEAUTIFUL. You do such an amazing job on your crafts.I LOVE the tree and all the signs and the Chistmas candy canes and Gingerbread men just EVERYTHING!
    I will keep your hubby in my prayers. I hope he he gets better soon and that he gets a job.
    The company doesn't deserve a wonderful employee like your husband.
    Their loss and God will provide, just lean on him .
    Blessings and prayers,

  4. Evening Friend
    You are is so beautiful.
    Filled with such love.
    Praying for your husband and you.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Woolie Blessings

  5. Hello Sara!
    Sending Prayers your way for you and your Husband!
    Hope he gets better soon!
    Love your displays and all your wonderful creations!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. I hope your husband is feeling better! Sending prayers and light your way!

    Carmen and the Primcats