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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What’s going on?


I feel like such a bad blogger. I can’t seem to keep up with things lately.  I have been visiting a few blogs, just haven’t commented very much. I am in a funk. Just the everyday life of trying to make it all work together.


Our youngest college age son is living back home for now. He is working and going to school. He is an awesome kid. He is very spiritual and is doing his best to follow the Lord’s calling, which can be a tough road in this day and age. He is definitely an old soul!  He faithfully plays drums every week  in the worship team with his Dad at church each Sunday. He has also taught himself to play piano by ear. He and Dad shared special music a few weeks ago at one service. He also  is very simple, he could be considered an old man.  He could wear the same type of clothing day after day, he wears old man slippers(even outside of the house), likes old music(40’s, jazz etc), as well as having all of his music stations in the car set to Christian music.  He brings entertainment to life that is for sure. This is a picture of his latest purchase.


Sometimes life was a struggle with him growing up. He attended Christian school for a few years and they had a set dress code. Mornings would be a hassle with him deciding what he would wear.He definitely was not persuaded by what others thought or what they were doing. Now as I look back I can see the under weaving of that tapestry, that I couldn't understand then. The three older children were always, well usually, compliant and did whatever was expected. Not Timothy! He always marched to the beat of his own drum. lol. It is a good thing for him now as he is not swayed by what others are doing. Well below is a picture of his Christmas present to us.


Tickets to go see Jerry Seinfeld live. He will be here in town, just a few minutes away.  While our children were growing up. we (ok I), had very strict rules and guidelines. We watched very little TV and as they grew they were very limited in the movies they were allowed to watch. If they had a sleepover at a friends house and they were watching movies that were over pg rated they had to call home for approval. And they did!!! So as they got older and moved on to their own lives, we started to watch old shows in reruns. Timothy, being the youngest and all was subjected to more things especially through his older siblings. That is how life goes. I guess. lol, you tend to lighten up over the years. He has a little bit of ADD as does his Dad, and is busy, busy and we never knew what he was absorbing. But in his business he is listening intently  and retains so much info. He can remember lines from movies and shows, amazing. Since I can’t hardly remember anything these So anyways, Seinfeld has always been a favorite for us and Timothy has gifted us with tickets to see him this week.



Along with life, I have been trying to “clean house” and get things in order for spring. That hasn't happened yet. It seems that  I get things cleaned up, and then I begin another crafting spurt and mess again!!! UGH!!! My older son told me last week that I need to have another house to take pictures in. And he doesn’t even live here anymore. He stopped by for a visit last week and brought his “little baby”. This is Kimber, she is not yet one year yet, but so big. She is such a good dog(unless another dog is near).






I did manage to get a few things out, mostly so I could take a few pictures of some of our new creations.


These are a few of the items that we have ready for spring. E-mail me if you have a “need” for anything.


The Easter prints are $10 and $8.


Large Speckled eggs~ $4

Small speckled eggs ~$2 each or 6 for $10







and a few custom order~


Well I am off to try to get my house in order. Wish me luck. I should be back soon with some spring  pics. Thank you all for following and being so supportive! Blessings~Sara


  1. Hi Sara, love our cozy home with some Spring goodies, always looks nice but know what you mean by trying to spring clean, I start but do not seem to get anywhere.... I like our son's beautiful dog, Ood luck, Francine.

  2. I never tire of looking at all of your beautiful home decor - wish I had the $$ to get some, one day soon ;-)
    It's amazing that your son taught himself piano? wow.
    And what a SWEET ride! Retro is all the rage in everything right now, but cars are awesome.
    I'm the same way... I put stuff up to clean, drag other stuff out to craft... it's like dishes and laundry ;-)

  3. This is such a busy time in your life right now. I admire you for what you do and how you help. I just put your blog in my list of favs. I can't keep up with everyone any more but I think of you all the time. Love your Spring things. I haven't done decorating yet. Sweet hugs!