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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Way behind, and what is up with blogger??

I am way behind with some posts. Seems like the story of my life lately. Oh well, important people first.

ashlyn smiling

There have been things to do and people to see(love)!!

Little Ashlyn is getting so big and doing so many big kid things. Boy they don’t stay babies long, do they?!(can you see the little shoe socks?)

Our oldest granddaughter had an open house at her kindergarten and they invited grandparents to go have a tour and they also had a book sale. Layla was so excited for us to go see her school, when we  pulled into the parking lot, she was jumping up and down. (I guess that is why we moved across country!!! It sure makes it worth while.)


And then she had school vacation. What do girls do during school vacation?????

shopping with the girls

Ya, you know!!! Go shopping……….already!!! They were picking out clothes and holding them up to themselves! lol. So cute!!!

~They are so Fashionable~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Then in the midst of everything I had another birthday. Getting older…….Oh I can feel it already.


Do you have traditions on birthdays or other holidays?? Well we do, or used to before me moved to California. We used to have a special bakery nearby, and when it was my birthday, so I didn’t have to bake a cake, hubby would by me a cake from this bakery. Well this year, he and my children had one sent across country for me. It was boxed and wrapped in bubble wrap and faired the trip quite well.It is chocolate with chocolate frosting…mmmmm so yummy!!!! They are an amazing family!!!!


With Easter being so early this year, it seems like everything was rushed! Did it seem that way to you? Maybe it is because I am involved with so many things.GEDC2006

You see I do the decorating at our church, and for Easter we have people donate Easter lilies and then they are taken to the elderly shut-ins at the local nursing home. While hubby was helping switch out the Easter banners he shut his hand in the ladder and broke one of his fingers.

We also have an early sonrise service and then breakfast after. Again, I am on the hospitality committee and had to set up tables, decorate and cleanup as well. Then we had the regular Easter service in which hubby is worship leader. He had 2 different songs planned to do for special music. It was an interesting week for him, trying to ice his finger and then practice his songs on guitar. He did manage to pull it off quite nicely. The songs that he did were Dallas Holms~ Rise Again; and Don Francisco’s ~ He’s Alive. Both were very nice songs, if you have a chance you should look them up. Two of our favorite Easter songs.


Easter afternoon we had the whole family over for an Easter egg hunt and dinner. We are so thankful to have them all close enough this year for dinner. The 4 hour trips to visit them in the Bay area are behind us. I am sure enjoying seeing my grandchildren grow.GEDC2016GEDC2068

Ok, so when I get all of my children together, I TRY to get a picture. They are all comedians, and it sometimes doesn’t work very well. lol.



See what I mean??!!! I am not sure if you can see it, but my son-in-law with the white shirt is wearing his sons neck tie. I am just noticing this as I am posting these pictures!!! Oh Joshua lol !!!! (He secretly reads my blogs, so  I am sure he will see this!!!)

So I had to separate them!! lol


This is our oldest daughter Lizabeth with her hubby Roy and our two beautiful granddaughters Sophia and Ashlyn!!


Our Daughter Amber and hubby Joshua with Layla (doing her curtsy) and our handsome grandson Isaiah.


GEDC2033This is our son Micah with his beautiful girlfriend Breanne.


Our youngest son Timothy on the left. It is good to see them all laughing together!




I don’t think I have shared this with you. This is our new kitchen table. We moved our larger table out of the kitchen and made a dining area out of part to the living room. It gives us more room when everyone is altogether. This kitchen area was a bit tight. So this “NEW” table fits this spot and I love it!!



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now that Easter is over, I am packing up all of my bunnies and putting them away. I am trying to find some things that are still appropriate for spring.


Flowers and birds~ I guess they will stay for spring.


Thank you all for stopping by and reading this all the way to the end. I appreciate each and everyone of you. As for blogger~ I am having troubles. I have lost some of the blogs I used to follow. They don’t show up on my list. Today I tried to comment on one blog and just got a page of letters, another issue. I also tried to read a blog on my list and it told me I didn’t have permission to read it. Why can’t they leave well enough alone. It is hard enough to keep up with technology, and then when they keep changing it. I don’t know. If you have any help, I am open.




  1. Beautiful family and Easter photos. Happy (belated) birthday to you also. Yes, Blogger is acting-up again. I tried to comment recently and got a page of jumbled-up letters and such. Sometimes it won't allow me to follow a blog either. My philosophy is; Why fix it if it ain't broke? but Blogger does have some "broke" issues. Now they are going to close GFC in July; the problems are much anticipated and dreaded. 'Guess we will lose all our followers unless we add another followers gadget to our blogs. 'No guarantee that former GFC followers will follow on any new followers gadgets.... very annoying these changes. Maybe we will all make it through everything :)

  2. Morning Sara, happy belated Birthday to you, how sweet Hubby had a cake sent to you, looked so yummy too.......Very good looking family, glad they can all have a great time together being goofy, love that.......Beautiful Grandkids you have and now can enjoy them growing up, good for you.......I love your new little table in the cozy kitchen, looks great, and the basket is wonderful......I also am having the same blogging issues as you, what's going on, and now I cannot put a picture on my sidebar, geeze, making me angry.........Spring Blessings Francine.

  3. Your family is beautiful,so wonderful you get to watch the grands Blessings!~Amy

  4. Sara, first your grandchildren are such dolls and they sure do grow up fast.
    Your family pictures are beautiful too. Your are blessed with a wonderful beautiful and healthy family.
    Happy Belated Birthday, I am an April Baby, April 15th (on tax day) oh my.
    I will be 45 yrs. old and NOT looking forward to it. I don't know why but I just am not feeling the birthday this year.

    I also DROOLED over your homestead pictures and I LOVE your new blog header, it is beautiful!
    Have a blessed day,
    Tricia XO

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Sara!
    You have a Beautiful family.
    What Sweet grandchildren.
    Love your home!

  6. Great family pictures, I know you enjoy each and everyone. Love your decorating!!!!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Sara!!!
    Hope all your wishes come true!
    So many wonderful memories captured ~ what a lovely family!!!
    Oh I love your new table ~ and all your décor!
    Prim Blessings