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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Busy with life; Don’t forget the Giveaway


Busy times~

bre bday1


bre bday6

A surprise birthday party and family dinner for my sons gf. We have been trying to have regular family dinners and another excuse for a party and chocolate cake. Beautiful Breanne~ I think she knew about it.

bre bday8


bre bday7

They have been away on vacation. While they are away we have been caring for their animals. They have 3 dogs that they brought with them, but left us to care for their parrot and horse.


They are driving with the dogs in the back seat of their truck.(trying to imagine what that would be like)


This is chip! He is so funny.


He has quite a vocabulary. We would just stop and listen to him “talk”. So amazing that they can do that. He barks like the dogs, says all of the commands that they give the dogs. He sounds just like them as well. It has been an interesting week. I told them I wouldn’t know if anything was wrong with them or what they needed. But they have been fine.


This is Teezer. She is a beautiful horse.  Breanne has had horses for years and does barrel racing.



Such a nice view and peaceful place. A few pictures of Northern California.


blk and wte

blk and wht


sundial bridge



whik tl

The vegetation is getting quite dry already. We have had very little rain and things are drying up. We are about a month early for the fire season this year.



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  1. Beautiful photos talented friend.
    Happy Birthday to Breanne.
    What cutie dogs, bird and beautiful horse.
    Have a wonderful day friend.
    Praying for rain for you.
    Woolie hugs

  2. Wonderful pictures...but I have to say the one of the doggies really made me smile! They look so happy!

  3. How sweet of you. I could take care of the horse, but the parrot,I couldn't. Although they do fascinate me. I am amazed by their IQ. Lovely pictures and those dogs are too cute.

  4. Good morning Sara,
    Wow, you had a house full of pets didn't you! I love how the three of them posed for that think animals love having their picture taken - they always seem to look into the camera.
    What a wonderful surprise birthday for Breanna...and she is a beautiful lady

  5. Morning Sara, beautiful gal, hope she enjoyed her Bday........Love the picture of the dogs, sweet furry faces......Great scenery pictures, so pretty, Blessings Francine.

  6. Happy birthday to Breanne! Love all of the pictures! So pretty!

  7. Hello Sara, what a beautiful post. Loved seeing the pictures that you shared, what lovely young gal. Chip sure has quite the bird cage! Love it, and his vocabulary tickled me........I can imagine him giving commands to the dogs!
    Wishing you a wonderful first day of May!

  8. That would crack me up to listen to that parrot talk too. Hope you all get rain soon. Nice birthday pictures.


  9. Oh I bet the parrot is very entertaining! And the picture of the dogs in the back seat cracked me up....they're ready to go....waiting for the people as if to say, "Let's get this show on the road". :)

    Happy birthday to Breanne! She looks like pretty!

    Oh, and I did get a post on about your giveaway back on Sunday. I forgot to come back and tell you....on my sidebar too. :)