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Monday, July 1, 2013

I’m Lost


No more Google, onto bloglovin??? !!! I tried to switch things over. I think I have finished that. I finally found my list of blogs I follow. Now how do I get the button to put on my blog? And what happens to the blog itself and the layout? Will that change? I am so technology challenged. I don’t know! I guess it will be a work in progress. lol


I will try again later, my head is spinning. I will stick with what I do best. Off to create something new.



  1. To get the widget(button) on your blog, go here... click on get button and type your blog name in. then click on your blog and add widget. It does it all for you, but you may want to move the widget around if you don't like where it automatically puts it. That's how I did earlier today. I have never done google reader or bloglovin or any other follower thing other than the list on my blog, so this is all new to me too.


  2. forgot to add, it doesn't change your blog at all, just adds a button thing to the can see on the right hand side of mine.


  3. I is very confusing. But I hope mine is okay now.
    Happy Monday Sara

  4. OH I hear ya Sara, I am doing nothing cause I don`t know what I am doing, hope all will be ok.....Take Care, Francine.

  5. Hi Sara, I changed to bloglovin yesterday because I was so afraid of loosing all of the blogs that I follow and have made so many wonderful friendships and didn't want to do that. Well it is still alright this morning, so maybe nothing is going to happen on blogger, I am like you I hate change and I am such a computer dummy. Have a beautiful summer. hugs, Lecia

  6. I haven't done anything yet either ~ I'm always behind lately.
    I still have my reading list and all my followers ~ I guess we'll see what happens.
    Prim Blessings

  7. You can google bloglovin widget and it will tell you what to do about getting that button, Sara. So far, I see where nothing has changed. Not sure about the reader part of it, but the blog layout stays the same and it looks like the followers are staying, I suppose?

    Happy 4th!


  8. Sara I see you don't have a list on your sidebar of blogs that you follow.

    Why don't you just add a blog list gadget to your sidebar and add blogs that you follow to that list and then you can just click on the blog on your sidebar when the blog updates or you can go to Blogger Dashboard and click on the big B in the upper left hand corner and your reading list comes up there of all the blogs that you follow.

    I didn't have to go to bloglovin.

    Just my suggestions, I never used Google reader anyway. Sorry if this confuses you more. If you have questions please email me.