This is the day tha tthe Lord has made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


~Memorial Day~
~a day for remembering.....

~an excerpt from a couple of interviews that my father-in-law gave back in the 90's.

The entry in James Cocarus' diary for Sunday, December 7,1941, the day the Japanese planes bombed Pearl Harbor and surrounding Military installations, is frank and defiant.

It reads,"Papers say more than I can except for a few incidents that can't be discussed. Buddies getting killed and good men dying like flies. Sure took us by surprise. What stopped them from taking over the island will always keep me wondering. It was theirs for the asking. Our day will come soon."

That prophetic entry was penned 50 years ago, but Cocarus, like other survivors from that momentous day, doesn't need his notes or abundant photographs to recall the details of the surprise attack, and all that ensued in the following three or four years. Everything is still etched clearly on his mind.

Probe a little, and you will find a void that will never be filled. A void that boils down to two days out of the 25,550 plus he has seen so far. Two days that appeared on the calendar almost 50 years ago. Of course, Cocarus, along with thousands of others, remembers and will never forget Dec. 7th 1941, when Japanese attacked sleepy Pearl Harbor, destroying a major portion of the U.S. Navy and marking the nations's official entry into World War II.That day dawned when Cocarus, who had been attached as an airplane sheet metal mechanic to the 7th Air Force at Hickam Field in Hawaii for over a year, awoke to work in the mess hall while his buddies headed off to Hanger 17 to await the arrival of a flight of B-17 bombers.

Everyone anticipated the Japanese would strike, Cocarus says and he recalls hearing rumors about where the attack would occur, but no one seriously thought thought it would be
Pearl Harbor. And even when the infamous attack began, it took a while to fully comprehend what was going on, Cocarus remembers.

"While on K.P. we heard lot of explosions", he recalls."So we went outside to see what was going on. Planes were buzzing around and at first, thought it was weekend "maneuvers" until we saw the bombs dropping and saw the big red symbol on the planes. Then it hit us- the Japanese were attacking Hawaii".

Then things started happening real fast.

"We got our rifles and G.I.'s set up machine guns on the parade ground and began returning fire as the Japanese had now started attacking Hickam Field, strafing and bombing", Cocarus says, words not really effectively expressing what what must have been the shear terror of the moment.

"The planes were low enough so you could actually see the smiling face of the pilot as he fired away at his target" he says.

Evasive action was necessary and he and several others jumped into a car and headed for their posts at a nearby lumber yard. Then the future began looking a little dim for as a Japanese plane headed towards them.

They quickly ditched the car and sprinted for what appeared to be the relative safety of the parade ground, away from the airplane hangers and the flight lines packed with aircraft.

"As we were heading across the parade ground their was one pattern of bombs", he remembers. "If there had been one more bomb.....

~So as we remember all that have sacrificed to give us the freedoms that we take for granted , please pause and be thankful for all that it is that we have.

~recipe for the above dessert~
oven to 350

2 pkg crescent rolls
1-8oz pkg of cream cheese
1 cup powdered sugar
lemon zest and juice from 1 lemon
1 lb strawberries
2 bananas
1/2 cup blueberries
8 oz cool whip

open crescent rolls and spread on (pampered chef stone)
cook for 12-15 min
mix cream cheese, powdered sugar, lemon juice and zest
spread on cooled, cooked, dough
spread cool whip
arrange fruit in a "flag pattern"(sprinkle lemon juice on cut fruit to help preserve)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"God Bless America"

~A few pictures of a little patriotic
decorating. Taking time to remember
all of the sacrifices that our troops make everyday to give us the freedoms that we take for granted.

My inspiration for decorating my house is to step back in time when life was simpler and generations of family gathered to enjoy each other’s company. I can remember a time on Memorial Day (Decoration Day as my Grandpa Fagan called it), when he would bring us to the parade and instruct us to cover our heart as the American Flag passed by. My home reflects the patriotic theme and is comfy and welcoming to all who enter.

God Bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Banana Bread

~One of my favorite family recipes is Banana Bread. After the last recipe didn't come out all that well (it still tasted wonderful); I decided to go back to a favorite. I am including the recipe below! Enjoy! ~Sara

~This recipe is straight from my mother's cookbook. From the looks of it , it has been enjoyed for many generations. It says Banana-cake- but it is our banana bread! I am sharing all of the family secrets....oh no!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

finally some Inspiration

~Inspiration has finally come~
Here are a few pics to share with you...

Older women are to be reverent in their behavior . . . teaching what is good, that they may encourage young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, homemakers, kind . . . . . ~ Titus 2:4

~creating a Mother's Day "look"

~I have a few items and I am trying to put them all together to create a Mother's Day "look"! I know that I need a flower arrangement, and a few other things to go with it. I absolutely love the colors in these fabrics and the vintage looking items look... so ........well, like....uummmm.........very feminine.

I am also in the process of making a pound cake that I have never made before. I usually make the same recipes, because I have so many "family favorites" that are requested of me. But today I thought something different was in order. I found this recipe for lemon pound cake and it may be one of my new favorites. Busy, busy day so I think I will keep you guessing as to what all of this "stuff" will become and as for the cake, I will share a pic and the recipe next time! Happy Mother's Day to all and Enjoy the simple things in life ~ for one day you will look back and find that they were the "big" things.~ hugs~ Sara

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Moms" the word

~As I think about "Mothers Day", I am brought back to my younger years, as mom has been gone for about 15 years now. The most prominent memories of her are her love for her family and her distinct decorating taste. Mom always liked very feminine things, her clothing, her make-up, her accessories, her nail polish, her heels- all shouted I am woman and proud of it! She was a very beautiful lady and I am happy to be a recipient of those "genes"!! She truly loved flowers and anything purple. Flowers abounded everywhere, silk, dried, fiber optic roses, real, potted, gardens of gladiolas, bleeding hearts, and peony. And then there was the snowball bush- (always a favorite for children's playtime activities), the forsythia and Japanese quince that would bloom in the springtime. The blue flower patterned china that adorned her dining room hutch was such a statement of who she was as a woman. She loved anything fancy. As I was developing my home decorating style, I shied away from the frilly and flowery. Don't get me wrong I love flowers and everything girly, but my tastes are a little more old fashioned and less purple. I have always loved antiques and old furniture, but I just can't get past the "smell" of them. That being the case, I have worked with my wonderful husband to "create" some new "old" pieces of furniture. One of my favorite pieces that we designed and built was in necessity to accommodate a large collection of ceramic mugs that my dad made for me in ceramics. As I opened the box, the last Christmas that we celebrated together, much to my surprise was a beautiful cobalt blue coffee mug all shiny and simply beautiful! As I continued in the box, another mug, I continued to pull them out of the box all wrapped tightly to keep them safe. As I got to the bottom of the box, amazed I counted twelve mugs!! I was so blessed, but then the dilemma came, where was I going to display all of these gorgeous mugs. Thanks to husbands handy work, I have an awesome blue hutch to display my mugs and my pottery. I have a ceramic figurine of my mom an dad that my Aunt Peggy made for the top of their anniversary cake their last year together. I have it displayed in another of my favorite hutches, along with some of the other special items given to me. I hope that you enjoy the pictures of the hutches and the special contents that they hold for me. Happy Mother's Day and memory making with your mothers.
Life is short, cherish the time that you have. hugs~ Sara

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary

~Wishing a Happy Anniversary to my beautiful daughter and handsome son-in-law today! Wishing you years of happiness together! Hope you like the picket fence planter that you recieved for your anniversary! Love you!!