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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What a way to spend a birthday!….and a surprise



I had quite a day Monday, on my 50th birthday!  I was just going to play it cool and not think too much about the significance of it. I was just going to go about my day like any other. Well hubby had informed me that he had invited the whole family for dinner and it was all taken care of not to worry about it. Cool! A regular day and I didn't have to worry about dinner. Nice! Well …..other people had other plans. My daughter Lizabeth called the night before and asked if I would like to go to her Dr, appointment with her. I am free to tell know that she is expecting her second child this summer. I was up early to get to the office in time. She called and told me to bring flip flops and that she needed to go to the store after. Ok, so my day was full already. All I could think of was spending time with my daughter and  a new baby!! So at the appointment I got to hear the babies heart beat for the first time.So exciting for new life and a new grandbaby!! After the appointment we went to Starbucks for coffee and she told me she had made appointments for manicures and pedicures. Oh ya and that my other daughter Amber and granddaughter Layla were meeting us there.


When we got there they had the cutest chair for children. I was so surprised, one that my granddaughter was going to share the experience with us and  two that they would have an adorable chair for her.


Isn’t that just adorable??!!

Wow! I didn’t even have the pleasure of having a manicure until my daughters talked me into it when they were getting married. Frivolous I thought. But for special occasions, that is what it is all about I guess.


The looks just tell it all!! Such a fun day with my favorite girls!!



Well, by then the girls thought that we needed lunch.

bday 10

Well while we were out all day hubby had been busy cleaning house and getting me some beautiful flowers.

He also got me a wonderful gift, but I will share that in my next post.


Beautiful flowers, yummy chocolate cake that my daughter made and of course she thought I should have a “black” tablecloth.





A full day!! I didn’t have time to think about getting old at all. !!! Thank you to my wonderful family!!! They are all so special!!

Thanks for sharing my birthday with me. ~Sara


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sprucing & Springing…..joining Tuesday display chain


Joining Misi and the Tuesday display chain. This is a first for me! I am linking to the display chain today, just click on the pic below to take you over to find the links of all of the wonderful displays. Thank you Misi for hosting.


Today’s title is sprucing and springing. The thoughts that come to my mind are flowers springing up and bunnies springing( hoping). Sprucing up my home for spring with flowers and bunnies. So with that I am just going to share some pics and hopefully you will enjoy.



























Thank you for stopping by. For more posts , hop on over to  check out more links

Blessings ~Sara

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tammy’s giveaway and a few new items…

Tammy  over at a A Primitive Place ~Tammy is hosting a generous giveaway of this amazing little doll. Go on over to her blog and check out all of the details. Just click on the  pic to bring you there.



I have a few pics of some of the things that I have been working on lately. We have a show next week and so many thing to pull together.

This first pic is from a special order an friend wanted for his daughter’s birthday. Kinda funky and oh so girly. Yes it is at angles, it isn’t the picture. lol.  More of a piece of art work as well as being functional as a bookcase






Well it is spring break here for our college student. So he will be home for the week  and that means lots more cooking to do while he is here. You know how growing boys (men) are??!!  And next week hubby will  be on vacation from his”real job”, so hopefully he will help me create lots more new items!! Praying for nice weather, as it has been rainy and cold here for a while. We will also need some nice weather for our show next week. We will be vendors at a Walk for  Autism. Our son-in-laws sister works with autistic children at Chico State and is putting  together a fund raiser. I willl have more details on that next week. But if you are in the Chico California area next weekend, I would love to meet you!!

Lots and lots of signs and things to finish up. Wishing you all a relaxing weekend!!

Blessings ~Sara

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Springing up around the home……

Just a quick post with a few pics of where I put some of my spring goodies.


This trencher was just the perfect spot for some spring time goodies.



It is full of eggs, bunnies, carrots, chicks…..


Bunny and eggs are from Jean over at  primcrafts blog. All of her creations were awesome!! (Thanks again Jean)


seed packets and pots~ spring time



more bunnies………..





egg trees………

The one above is a dollar store pot that I primmed up a little with some wax and moss. I also dipped the eggs in wax to tone them down a little.


This tree is full of  felt eggs that I created. I think the tree will be put away after Easter (or maybe I will make it Americana hhhmmm not sure now).


more eggs…




Here is where The Americana Crow ended up(Thanks Jean). He is up on top of another of my favorite cupboards, along with my other Sam Crow.He is a large crow, about two feet high. He looks so good along with my flags.


Ok, that’s all for now. I have to get back to work. We have a show coming up soon and I need to get all kinds of things created for that. Below is a sign that I have just finished. One of my new favorites. I will have this listed on etsy and on my facebook if you feel you should  “need” one. Or you can e-mail me. Have a blessed day!~ Sara