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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Can I vent?? and a 20% off discount


Sometimes living takes the life  out of you!! I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but sometimes life can just get you down. I have tried to keep things in for the last week or so. I debated whether to share or not, but I know there are some good friends out here in blogland and I would just request your prayers. First for my attitude. I should just leave it at the foot of the cross, but sometimes we just keep picking it up again. Can I get an AMEN??!! Work, home life, business……..Can’t anything just be easy??? I am usually the one giving advise, do the right thing, take the high road, let things slide! That’s why things are bothering me. It just seems so hard now. It is coming from every direction.

First we have been planning a family reunion for the past year. There is a page on facebook for all of the extended family to comment, pick dates etc. Well, family will be family and there have been issues, not everyone agrees etc. You know how family can be sometimes. But I get that, oh well. But now it is my husbands work. He has had this vacation on the books, calendar whatever for the past year. Now he is getting a hard time about it. He may not be able to go. His boss says he may charge him with insubordination for making plans behind his back before it was authorized!! Really???!! To start with, we haven’t had a vacation to go anywhere, and haven’t seen our family in four years. I know I have mentioned that in an earlier post. And anyone that has been to New England knows you have to plan a year in advance to get a place to stay. Oh so many things to work out and not much time. (Why can’t I just have a big bank account and then nothing would matter…)UGH!!

Then the issue with selling wholesale, kicked out of a group because I wouldn’t sell one item for a reduced price. To me wholesale is more than one item. Oh well, I think they were just getting my ideas, it happens everywhere. One item in particular we have been making for over 20 years, and I  am beginning to see them pop up everywhere. Well, I just take it as a compliment. Also comments about making sure all of my items were handmade!!! Really??!!! What's with that??!! I make all of my own patterns(sometimes there is no pattern lol, one of a kinds) and we do all of the work ourselves ( on REAL WOOD! We don’t use plywood or any other wood for anything, a little more pricy but better quality). Maybe because things are so well made, they don’t think anyone could possibly do that. Ya, that’s what I am going to keep telling myself . lol

Oh well time to move on!!!  I am trying to keep busy and be creative. We are doing a home show this week. That means I have to clean house. EVERYWHERE! lol. Slow but sure it feels so good to have things clean!



I even baked a little this week. One thing I made was this cranberry orange bread. So good! It reminded me of the holidays, because that is usually the only time I can find fresh cranberries.




I have been creating a few new things for my etsy shop. Go on over and check it out if you see something interesting. Or you can also email me. (if you email me and tell me you saw something here on this post that you would like to order I am offering 20% off (excluding special orders))Thank you so much for looking.


Love this little cabin~ it is lighted (special order, hubby says it was a lot of work)


thermostat cover


game board


round table riser


and signs………….


Your favorite team colors….. (I think one of these is headed to my grandsons room)



These sign combinations have been very popular and then of course this sign below with it’s saying……


Puts things in perspective


lots of things to finish up….



a special order going to Washington DC ~  American Girls Doll Furniture in Lilac……..


adorable inside as well, such cute little hangers


Well enough for one day, we are watching my sons girlfriends dogs for the evening.


very active Kimber is a puppy pit-bull and very strong already


but Rider is a little more calm, should be interesting since we haven’t had a dog in a while.

Blessings for a wonderful weekend ~



  1. Hello Sara, take a deep breath,let it slowly, so sorry to hear about Hubby and his holidays, sure hope it all works out for you. You sure have great crafts, love the little log cabin,to cute. Beautiful dogs your dogsitting,and I`ll give ya an Amen!! Blessings Francine.

  2. Oh yeah...Amen x10.... Sorry you're going through this Sweetie - that really stinks about Hubby's vacation...but, unfortunately, been there, done that....I had exceeded the vacation accrued limit and was forfeiting it, and yet, could not get vacation time approved. Hello??? Anywho - hoping and praying things turn all regards. Wonderful new treasures you've crafted up....You and hubby do an amazing thing!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. We all struggle at times and that's what your friends are for to vent and send up a prayer for you.I feel exactly like you alot "life gets you sometimes".Family will be family can't please them all,take a group tally and just go with it.The wholesale well all I can say is your are supposed to be able to pick what items you sell wholesale not every item can be sold in bulk or cut price.If people want to act like that then you don't need the group.They should stand behind you not block your way...On another note Beautiful new creations,yes the quality shines through.Sending up a prayer for you and hubby.Have fun with the dogs.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. I am sending you lots of warm wishes and prayers for a fun calm vacation hopefully his boss will get hit over the head with the nice stick and let him go.

  5. Hi Sara,
    I am so hoping things work out for you in all these difficult can be so filled with challenges and discouragements and we do feel the weight of it sometimes so just know you are not alone!! Praying God will work out all those details for you!!
    Your work is really wonderfully done too!!
    Warm Blessings~~

  6. Good morning Sara. I'm am so sorry things have been rough for you lately. It is hard to always be upbeat. We are only human and things do get us down from time to time. You are correct in letting God help you through.
    I love all your creations - you are very talented and I adore all the goodies you sent me.
    Wishing you a peaceful day. Blessings