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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My favorite Chicken Soup and biscuit recipe and the winner is…..




I have had several requests for some of my recipes lately so I thought I would take a few minutes and get them written down for you. As I have gone through the years of busyness, raising children and caring for ailing parents, I have found that food can be delicious without being fussy and  a lot of work. There are some recipes that are just so good they are worthy of the extra time and effort and then there are others that are just better …well…. simple.


Through the years I was always pulled in all directions, with four children there was always someone to pick up at sports practice, or drop off at a friends or to work, then there were homework projects, Dr. appointments….well you know…LIFE Happening! Oh and let’s not forget decorating my home. I used to decorate for every season and holiday, as well as birthdays. We had birthday banners that we would hang on everyone's  birthdays as well as a birthday flag that we hung outside, and always homemade cake. It was fun as the children got older and when I awoke on my birthday to find they had hung the banner all by themselves for me.

 Good memories and always great food!




So food needed to be good and needed to come together fast (teenage boys don’t like to wait for a gourmet meal LOL)!! So some of my recipes are born out of necessity. This chicken soup recipe is like that. When someone is sick, it takes more out of you caring for them, so the extra energy is needed other places and not in the kitchen. Below is a pic from my archives, so a little out of season, but I wanted to show you the brands. They do matter! I have tried others and these are what work best.


Chicken Soup~

You will have to adjust this according to the size of your family and needs. And remember my recipes are never set in stone, always adjust according to your own tastes.


Add the following ingredients to a large pot~

Chicken~ either a pre cooked rotisserie chicken or 2-3 chicken breasts baked (The precooked chicken works great and is a time saver. Lately I have been buying a large package of chicken breast and bake it all at the same time and then divide it up and freeze in individual size serving bags til needed. This soup is so fast and easy  when you can just take a bag of the frozen cut up chicken out of the freezer and put it  into the pot.)

2 cans of Swanson chicken broth

2 tablespoons of Spice world minced garlic

Mrs Dash to taste~ Lots of this will clear the sinuses

salt to taste

For a fast soup~ add 2 cans of carrots and a bag of noodles and cook until noodles are cooked to desired texture and you are DONE!

Simple and easy and soooo good!!

If you desire you can add fresh carrots and celery and boil til desired tenderness. Some times I a cup of rice instead of noodles, and this time I used 5 potatoes instead of the noodles.



Recipe card holder that I have designed to fit into my kitchen décor. Works great to hold recipe cards. This is available on etsy.


Now for the biscuits~ This is my Dad’s recipe. He used to be the biscuit maker and never measured too much. I did get him to tell me one time, so this is it.

Biscuits~   bake at  450 for 10-12 min

!/2 cup Crisco shortening

2 cups flour

1 tablespoon Baking Powder

1 teaspoon salt

3/4 cup milk

combine flour, baking powder, and salt then add shortening and mix til well blended. Add milk til it forms a sticky mess. Do not over mix! Gently dump out onto a floured board, sprinkle flour on top and GENTLY pat out. Do not over work. Cut into rounds and place on a cookie sheet. Bake at 450 for 10-12 minutes or until lightly brown on top.



Now for the winner of this adorable Sleigh Bell Tree Gathering~

Trace of GrannyTracescrapsandsquares

Click on the pic below to go over to the rusty thimble.blogspot and see all of the winners. Thank you to Brenda for putting this all together! I have heard there will be another giveaway soon so keep checking. Also thank you to all of my new followers. I appreciate each and everyone of you.




If any of you are interested in purchasing any of my tree gatherings please email me, or you can also check them out on etsy or my Facebook.


Ok if you have made it this far……… I have a giveaway for you!! It is almost  Thanksgiving and time of year to reflect on what we are thankful for. I am so thankful for each of you who so faithfully visit me here on my blog and have encouraged me and prayed for me and my family. Thank you all so much. I want to give a little something back.

I would like to send someone one of my new creations. This is a mustard breadboard with “Our Daily Bread” on the front. It measures approx 11” square.


All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what you are thankful for. Simple and  easy! I will pick a winner this week sometime and get it in the mail with my next batch of orders going out.

Blessings for a great week!



  1. Well Sara, you have made me hungrey this afternoon with all that good food. Thanks for sharing the recipes. Congrats. to Trace on winning your prim perfect tree. Just more JOY to add to her day. She is such a sweetheart and love visiting her blog. Love your breadboard and it is done in my favorite prim color. Please enter me into the giveaway.
    Have a blessed day

  2. That chicken soup and biscuits looks so yummy! I am thankful for the the health and happiness of my family!

  3. Hi Sara.......thanks for sharing your recipes....yum yum....loves me some biscuits to......Congrats to sweet Trace.......I would love a chance to win the Give Thanks board.....please sign me up for a chance to win...I am very thankful to have a wonderful healthy family......Blessings Francine.

  4. Oh Sara
    I so thank you again for your wonderful generous gift to me.
    You brought tears to my eyes and so made my day. Week, month and year.
    Love new recipes, Thank you for sharing. Please dont enter me because I just Won Big, but I am so thankful this year for my family and all my wonderful friends.

  5. Hi Sara,
    I really enjoyed your post today. I love to make chicken soup when the family is under the weather, also thank you for the recipe so I can now make homemade biscuits.
    Congrats to Trace' she is a sweetheart. I am so happy that she won.
    Could you please put my name in for your BEAUTIFUL giveaway!
    I feel thankful for my husband and our 2 sons, I feel very blessed for them, my family is everything to me.

  6. Oh Sara-I have secretly admired your Daily Bread breadboard, and I'd love a chance to win!
    Your soup and biscuits sound delish! It's so cold and rainy today, they would really hit the spot!
    I'm so glad Trace won your wonderful giveaway tree (even if I wanted it really, really bad)! She's such a sweetie!

  7. Oops...almost forgot. I am so thankful for family, friends, a warm place to lay my head, and also for the wonderful blogging friends I have made!

  8. This evening I am thankful that when I have a lonely day I can check out my favorite blogs and have my heart warmed by stories and pictures and wonderful and easy recipes. Thank you.

  9. Congratulations to Trace! Thank you for the soup & biscuit recipe. I will definitely give them a try. My dad was a cook & baker in the Merchant Marine. He especially loved to bake bread. Every Sunday our house would smell delicious ... & my butt would grow a bit more wider ... as he baked bread for the week. Lovely giveaway piece but do not add my name to the hat ... I wouldn't have anywhere to put it! Best of luck to all who enter though : )

  10. Thanks for the recipes...please enter me in your giveaway..I am always thankful for my husband and my Mom.

  11. Hello Sara-
    Thanks for sharing your "Yummy" recipes with us!
    My Boys LOVE chicken soup.
    Congratulations to Trace!
    I am Thankful for my Family and all my Blogging Friends!
    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Great post, Sara ~ and my husband (who is the chicken soup chef in our family) will be happy to know that his recipe is almost exactly like yours. :o) (Don't know how he ended up with that duty, as I make all the other soups here, but, hey - it works for me!)

    Congratulations to Sweet Trace on one incredibly, amazing, win!! Good thing it was her that won or I would have had to pout over not winning it. ;o

    And I love your Daily Bread breadboard - how very generous of you to follow up one giveaway with yet another. I would be honored to be entered for a chance. What am I thankful for? Many, many things....but at this point, I am most thankful for God's guidance of the surgeon's hand who operated on my son the week before last....too early to tell if it is successful, but we are praying, and so far things are looking good....I thank the good Lord for that.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. Hi Sara, thank you so much for the recipes, I have already copied them down:-) I remember well when my boys still lived at home, seems I was always cooking to feed their big appetites! lol I love wholesome foods, so much better than all that fancy stuff!!

    What am I most thankful for? For my family and friends who have guided me and made me what I am today, love them all so much!! xox

  14. Hi Sara, Please Put my name in for your wonderful giveaway! I love your products! I am thankful for my wonderful family, health, and a hard-working husband who provides for this family during a bad economy! I am thankful for my loving Father who died for me even when I didn't deserve an ounce of grace and mercy! Prim blessings!

  15. Sara, I too want to thank you for sharing your chicken soup recipe. We are expecting to get some percipitation from Hurricane Sandy. There have been reports that we might possibly get a pretty good amount of snow if the conditions are just right. My uneducated guess is we MIGHT get some rain. Either way, your soup looks like just perfect for a cold, rainy day.
    I like reading your blog and seeing all your wonderful prim crafts.
    Also, please enter me into your giveaway for the Daily Bread board. I have so much to be thankful for but I am most thankful to have celebrated my mother's 91st birthday recently and for her continued good health. I am blessed in many, many ways and I pray that He will continue to bless you and your family.
    Kathy Starling

  16. Hi Sara. Please enter me in this giveaway. I am already a follower. I am thankful for my family and friends. Life surely would be dull without them all. The breadboard is so pretty; mustard is one of my favorite colors :)

  17. I would love to be entered in your giveaway Sara. I am already a follower. I am thankful that after being in the hospital for 7 and a half months I am alive and able to enjoy life again! <3
    Be blessed,

  18. I would love to be entered, Sara. I love your trees, too and
    your food sure sounds yummy, thanks for sharing the recipes.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  19. Please enter me, I luv your blog and creativity, glad I didn't miss this one.

  20. I'm thankful for Family,especially the girls and visits at grandma's old farmhouse...The recipes look yummy,cold rainy week ahead so perfect.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  21. Sara, how did I miss this? I almost didn't get in!

  22. Oh Sarathere is somuch I'm thankful for, tonight it would have to be Kaden being able to spend some time this weekend with his Dad.which allowed me timeline on one time with my 22yo son Jo! We had a wonderful evening together! I love your bread bo