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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Swap Goodies and my Anniversary Flowers


I just have a few picture to share with you today. The flowers below are from my wonderful husband for our anniversary. They are called Chinese Lanterns and sometimes Japanese Lanterns. They have always been my favorites for fall decorating. I have never had them alive, always dried, but these are fresh and the tag said that they were grown right here in California. I love them!!



I was so excited to see this box come last week! It has been a long and stressful time with hubby being sick and all of the tests, well you know, I told myself I would keep this happy. This box came just at the right time. A big Thank you to Amy form Bumble Bee Lane!! I joined her Harvest Gathering Swap and I was so delighted when she told me that she was my swap partner.


Look at all of the fall goodies!!!!



This Prairie doll was the first thing that I unwrapped! It was so large and just waiting to be hugged!! Amy told me that she was made by Jean from the blog Prim Crafts. I have several of Jeans creations around my home as she and I did a personal swap a while back and she is amazing!! I just love this doll.


This little pillow tuck~ love it!! Goes so well with my little stump dolls


Cute little pea hen, and such a nice candle wrap. Do you know that this is my first candle wrap??!! HHmmmm how nice. Thank you so much Amy.


And below~ this large wax pumpkin candle tart. Smells so nice. And the little acorn bowl fillers, I stuck them in the little bowl with some wax corn cobs that I had purchased form Amy last year.Thank you again Amy for hosting the swap and for sending all of these wonderful goodies. I love them all!! 


Here is a pic below that I sent to Amy to tease her as to what she would be receiving. I told her that not everything fit in one box so she was getting two. I was a little late in getting it to her with all that has been going on here and she was so understanding. If you want to see what is in these packages, go on over to Amy’s blog and see. Click on the pic below to bring you to her blog.


Well that sure has given me a little boost to finish decorating for fall. I have been bored with the way things were around here so I decided to move the whole house around. Now I have to clean everything and put it all back in order. Fun times.



I also wanted to remind you of the Winter Wonderland Giveaway

Several bloggers have joined together to donate

handmade creations to get you in the mood for

The Upcoming Holidays

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Click on the pic above to get all of the details and sign up to win one of the amazing creations donated by some wonderfully talented bloggers!!!


Thanks for all of you kindness and encouragement and for following me here. Blessings~Sara


  1. Sara, what lovely swap gifts! Visiting from Kristen's Creations.

  2. wow,that was a very nice swap! i love swaps, denise

  3. Sara, Happy anniversary a bit late. I read back a litlle so I could catch up. I will tell you this the stress of having a sick spouse is the worse. I know how you feel and how frustrating it can be.
    I am sending prayers to you.
    your package looks like a good one and I love your chinese lanterns. I havaent thought about them in a few years.
    have a great day

  4. Hello Sara, wow!!!1 so many great goodies from Amy, wonderful swap pick me up for sure. The prairie doll is so sweet, love the little wax acorns to, everything you got is so cute. Have fun redecorating, can`t wait to see what you do. Wishing you and yours better days ahead. Blessings Francine.

  5. Happy Anniversary Sara, I love your Chinese lanterns, I have never seen them live before either. I love all of the stuff you and Amy swapped. You both have very good taste.
    Keeping you in my prayers my friend!
    Be blessed,

  6. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you had a lovely day. I love the Chinese lanterns. I used to have some faux one that I put out in the fall, but somewhere along the way that got misplaced. I'm going to have to look for some more.
    Great goodies that you received, your house looks great too.


  7. Good morning Sara-How wonderful that your hubby chose to get you something so prim and creative as Japanese lanterns! Love them! Will they dry well?
    Loving all of your swap goodies too.
    Have a lovely day
    Hugs and blessings

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and your Hubby, Sara.
    I hope he is feeling better. Sending Prayers to you both!
    Love all your Swap goodies from Amy! The doll is so Sweet!

  9. The lanterns from your hubby are lovely.I used to grow them years ago and forgot about them.Hope you had a nice anniversary even with everything going on.Everything looks wonderful in your house.I can't wait till it's time to decorate for thanksgiving,I plan to do a whole prairie harvest display on the riser you sent.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  10. Happy Anniversary! Those are really neat flowers and I can see why they are one of your favorites! All of your swap gifts are fantastic and look wonderful in their new home :0)

  11. Happy Anniversary! We have an October Anniversary too. I love the flowers. What a fantastic swap package from Amy!

  12. HI Sara,
    Thanks for your kind words. I keep plugging away, struggling for ideas and I always think I am boring...
    How is hubby doing? I had that last winter and it really knocks the stuffing out of you. I too did two rounds of antibiotics. It took a while to get back on my feet. Hope he keeps feeling better and better. Hugs,

  13. Happy Anniversary!!!
    All wonderful goodies you got from Amy!!!
    I sure love her swaps that she puts together.
    I saw what you sent too ~ love it all!
    Hope hubby is feeling better soon.
    Prim Blessings

  14. What nice things you received in your swap!

    Everything looks so prim fall festive at your house. I just love it all!

    I hope your anniversary was wonderful! I wish you many more happy years together!


  15. Hi Sara,
    What a fabulous giveaway! I am aiming for as many points as I can and I love your creation!
    Thanks for the fun!

  16. Great giveaway!!! Love your blog too!

  17. Happy anniversary! And I love the bird Amy made.


  18. Blessings on this beautiful Autumn day. I love your warm and welcoming home. Everything has such a peaceful theme. I lived in Tennessee for many years and fell in love with primitive creations.
    Thank you for sharing your charming post...and, oh, Amy is a delight and such a generous friend.
    Carolynn xo

  19. You make so many wonderful things for the holidays! Sweet hugs!

  20. PS I sure hope your hubby feels better soon. I know how hard that can be. I'll keep you both in my prayers.

  21. Loving this giveaway!!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  22. I am a new happy follower to your blog. I just love looking around. Your decorations are prim perfect!!!!! This giveaway is a great way to get in the holiday mood. Thanks for sharing......HUGS....

  23. Sara, Happy Anniversary...and I hope hubby is feeling better. I have never participated in a swap....I might have to try one in the new year. I will be visiting again real soon. Wishing you happy days, Pauline

  24. I hope this is the right spot to leave a comment for the Winter Wonderland Giveaway. New to your blog. Thanks, Caroline

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