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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My View From The Back Seat~

…from the back seat of a big olde station wagon that is! Well not even back seat….the way back, or maybe sometimes the third seat.

st wag

The American Heritage Dictionary defines a station wagon as "an automobile with one or more rows of folding or removable seats behind the driver and no luggage compartment but an area behind the seats into which suitcases, parcels, etc., can be loaded through a tailgate." I guess I fall into the ” etc “ part, because that was usually my “seat” and I use that term lightly. Having a large family which included 7 children; I would have been “packed” in behind the seat with the supplies for the day, weekend or week.

Memories~ we all have them. That is for sure something that can’t be taken from us. The memories that I have of Uncle Charlie almost always involved a station wagon of some sort. It may have been the large luxury one, a smaller compact one, and may even have included wood grain siding. Yikes! Yes gotta love the wood grain paneling!!!You see despite the rivalry between brothers there was a bond that no other could share! The brotherly love, the banter, out doing each other, one upping the other. Oh you know you have memories of that. Behind the toughness there was love. Love of family! Being there for one another through thick and thin. There were so many get togethers and vacations with the families together, and yes they always included a station wagon and on occasion three. The trips to Cooperstown NY ~ The Baseball Hall of Fame, the weekend camping trips to Swain’s Lake. the visits at Grammy and Grampa Brown’s~ get out of the garden!!! Don’t pick the flowers!!!! You know you have all heard it!!!

You can hear the voice now, can’t you. The memories of the voices. Uncle Charlie's voice on the answering machine. Even in the later years of life the brothers would stay connected. We would come through the door, my dad and I from a Dr’s appointment and he would check his phone messages. This was the message~ “pick up the phone it’s your brother!!” The first thing dad would do is call Uncle Charlie. Again the banter, the brotherly love.



No matter what the occasion, Charlie was full of a love for life! He had a big personality and he could radiate the room with joy.


We were honored to have Uncle Charlie and Aunt Lucy step in as honorary grandparents for my daughter Amber’ s wedding. After losing all of their grandparents, Charlie had stepped up to take the place of Patriarch of the family. A position he was proud to bear. The pictures of Charlie and Lucy enjoying that day, dancing, smiling! I love those pictures as it shows the love for life and love for family in the smiles!






Charlie will be missed dearly, but his memory will live on.



Craig and I have always been there for family when needed. We have given and shared, whether it meant  a ride, babysitting, giving of a car, a little cash, or an ear just to listen. We have gone out of our way to be available and to care. That is why it is so hard for us to not be there with you all right now. To give a hug , to share memories, to listen and share your grief. When we heard last week that Charlie and Lucy wanted to see us, it broke our hearts that we weren't  able to be there. If it had been at all possible to be there in such a short notice, please know that we would be. We love you all and send a big hug for everyone. Prayers and hugs to you all.

Blessings~Sara (and Craig)

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.


  1. What a sweet post and the memories it invoked for me. They look so sweet and happy. Memories are God's gift to us. I believe that. Thanks Sara, and you can't feel guilty because you weren't there in person. They know you would have been if you could have been. Again loved this post.

  2. Ahhh Sara, touching post, always so hard to let a loved one go but memories are to be treasured...Hugs Francine.

  3. Thanks Sara.your family was well represented. my DAD would have understood. I have my first grandchild born yesterday.I know a part of my dad is in him.His name is Keegan Arthur.we will have fun telling him all about his great grandfather.Love you.Sueann( my dad always called me that :) )

  4. So beautiful Sara! My favorite thing was Uncle Charlie tiring to get a rise out of mom by calling her Margret. And then he would just laugh when she'd start sputtering. Other things I remember were Aunt Lucy and Uncle Charlie always dancing and laughing. And a Red Sox game was always on loud enough to hear outside.