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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Feeling Blue~

Well everyone has been sick the past 2 weeks. It keeps going through everyone. One family to the next. From the little ones to the big ones. It is getting so tiring.


We also have been dealing with family back east. Last year when we went to NH for the family reunion, my uncle had asked for us to get together. Well he ended up being on oxygen and not being able to make it to the reunion. Things were hectic and we didn't get to see him. They live about 3 hours away form where we were. So in the last few months my cousin has called me and informed me that hospice had come in and they only gave him about 6 months. We were trying to find a way to get back to visit. Didn't happen. So on Friday morning one of my cousins messaged me on my business page and said that his dad and mom wanted to see us. Well I about lost it. No idea how to work that out.And then I looked and  It said that he was trying to hook up skype. So my hubby called him, and they couldn't get it to work. My cousin said they were having a good day and just wanted to see us. Well today I received a call that he passed away .The family will be getting together on Father's Day to make arrangements. So that is what we have been up to. Sad times! Being torn between being here with family and not being there with family. Please keep them all and us in your prayers. This will be a trying week for sure. Thank you all for you care and concern.GEDC2964





"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.    Matthew 11:28


Father’s Day will be somber~

The hutch above reminds me of my Dad. My hubby built the blue hutch for me to hold my cobalt blue mugs that my Dad made for me in ceramics before he passed away. You can see more of my Dad here.

bl hutch



  1. Prayers sent up for you and your family.~Amy

  2. Hi Sara, so sad that you and your family have been ill. My little granddaughter has been sick for a few days, so it is something going around. I am so sorry about your Uncle, Prayers for you and the family. I love your blue hutch and you are talented like your father, the blue mugs are lovely. Think of you with hugs, Lecia

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss and recent struggles. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family <3

  4. So sorry! Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Sorry for your loss as well. Thinking of you and your family.

  5. Evening Sara, Prayers sent for you and yours, Blessings Francine.

  6. praying for you and your family, sara

  7. Praying for you and your Family.
    WOolie Hugs to you.

  8. That is the disadvantage of being on separate coasts. But, you have to do what you have to do and sometimes it is very hard. Not to mention expensive, to try to get from one to the other. Prayers for you and hopefully that bug will bug out!