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Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer is coming to an end….


And school is starting~

A for America

layla and Isaiah

We hate to see summer come to en end, but we love fall! Why? So many reasons. One thing that I know that I enjoy about the changing season is  just the change. It is a time to start organizing again, getting back to a schedule. I know that is how it was when my children were young and going back to school. The laziness of summer is over, time to be a little stricter in our routines. We go through the children’s closets, get rid of things, we make better meals, go to bed earlier. Just back to basics. We get the whole house clean and ready for a new start! And then we start getting out our fall décor. When our children were heading out to get on the school bus, I wanted the front yard to look “nice”. We would always get a few pot of mums and a little mulch and get things in order. Then we add the cornstalks, the pumpkins and it is just a gradual transformation into fall.


Our granddaughter stated first grade this year and our son and his girlfriend headed back to college. And so another year begins. 


We will be away this weekend. We are headed to help our oldest son move north to Oregon. Please pray for us! They have 3 horses and the horse fencing; 4 dogs; 2 large birds and cages; cars; trucks; oh ya and the furniture; everything from the garage(he is a mechanic)…phew! It will be quite a caravan.They have asked us to stay a few days and have a mini vacation and explore the area with them. hhhmmmm OK!





I will try to get pictures to share, but my camera was dropped and broke and doesn’t close tight. Hopefully I can get it to work. You know me and pictures!!


Here are a few fall pictures ~ some from last year and the year before. I like to see how our decorating styles change through the years.



fall pic6





crow for fall




fall pics2

and I want to share this with you. …..I recently sold one of these signs and Linda was sweet enough to share the pic of where she put it. Here is what she sent~

customers homes2

customers homes1

Isn’t her home wonderful??!!! I told her she needs to show it more!!! Don’t you agree??


Well off to finish shipping orders and pack up!

Wishing you all a great weekend!



  1. Hi Sara, summer has just flown by, I love fall though and all of the beauty. Praying for your son to have a safe moving trip. Love all of your decor, and yes, Linda's home is lovely, esp. with your beautiful sign. Hugs, Lecia

  2. I always enjoy seeing photos of your crafts & home Sara ... I hope your camera will continue to work for you : ) I will pray for a safe move.

  3. Have fun on your Oregon journey. I pray you get everything there safely. HAve fun exploring and as usual I loved all of your pictures, I really do love looking at them

  4. Hi Sara,
    Falllll...yes....Fallll....I so want it to be here.
    Summer has been crazy here with heat and heat and then cold spells.
    I sure understand how you described the changing of seasons - I feel so much the same way.
    Praying for a uneventful move and that you all stay safe.
    As always, your pictures are so beautiful.

    Blessings this holiday weekend.

  5. Love all your previous fall pics Sara. I did see Linda's sign. It's really nice, you did a great job and she does have a lovely house.

    Stay safe moving.


  6. Safe travels friend. Hope you have fun and your camera works for ya.
    Now I'm excited to get out some of my fall things ~ so much goodness at your home!!!
    Love the sign ~ Linda should show more of her home ~ looks lovely!
    Prim Blessings