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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ball Jars~




There is something about these jars that just give a homey welcoming feeling.


You can drink your sweet tea from them, use them to catch fireflies, keep your collections in them or you can use them as intended.  ( When my boys were little I would even carry one with a tightly screwed on top with me in the car for potty training- sshhh secrets.)I can remember when  I was growing up we would go to my grandparents home and I would follow my grandfather down to the garden with his basket to pick vegetables. They had a large span that sloped down the hill to the river. He would tell us children-“stay in the rows and off the hills”. He would bring the basket of vegetables into the kitchen for my grandmother and she would prepare them for the huge canning pan that was on the stove already boiling. She would can green beans, pickles, tomatoes, and so many other delicious fruits and vegetable, but my absolute favorite was her green tomato sweet piccalilli. I can remember as we were leaving her home sometimes she would hand my Dad a couple of jars of it to bring home, and I can here her say- “make sure you bring back my jars”. I sure wish that I had her recipe.


In all of the years that I have cared for a garden and fed my family from it I have never canned anything myself. I used to freeze some things but never learned to can.


My grandparents went through the depression and so they had one room that was just filled with all of the staples that they would need if something were to happen. They were prepared! She also had a cellar that was packed with all of her wonderful canned fruits an vegetables.

looked just like this below~

grandmas pantry

OOhhh “the good ole days”~



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Wishing you a joyful day of singing and reminiscing.



  1. Sara, would you consider selling the smaller of the sparrow signs? I know you have the large one in your etsy shop, but the small one is also lovely.

  2. Fun post Sara. I love the vignette. There's just something about growing and bottling.

  3. Hi Sara, I haven't canned for years, I did when my son was a baby and it was so much fun standing back and looking at the finished products. And my mom used to can everything she could get her hands on when we were growing up, she would always say, it will taste better than snowballs this Winter. Love all your decor, beautiful as always. hugs, Lecia