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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Feeling Blessed~

“As you read my stories of long ago I hope you will remember that the things that are truly worthwhile and that will give you happiness are the same now as they were then. Courage and kindness, loyalty, truth, and helpfulness are always the same and always needed.”
Laura Ingalls Wilder


I wanted to share this wonderful~ Random Act of Kindness ~that I received this week from my dear friend Lecia. I had had a busy week of getting ready for a show and filling orders and I had also had a few giveaways that I was getting packed up. So when I received this large box in the mail I was so surprised. I so appreciate Lecia and her friendship and her thoughtfulness!  Thank you for your friendship Lecia, I truly appreciate it ~ hugs



My husband was asked to be the music entertainment for  a few fund raining events for the Homes of Hop for Victims in Domestic Abuse. This group provides homes and furnishes them to provide safe places for women and children.


They were having a craft fair as part of the event so we brought a few of our creations. We haven’t found it profitable to do many of these shows but we figured is we were going to be there all day we might as well. We sure like being on the giving end as it is such a blessing.



It sure feels like the seasons are rushing through this year. I guess that’s what happens when you are busy, time just passes you by. I have moved on to creating more Americana items (I will have more of those in the next post) as we just passed Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day is coming right along, then there is flag day and The 4th of July.







Life gets busy~ We have had birthday parties, celebrations, new job changes for my son, and we also have 2 new daughter in-laws to be now, so we are in wedding planning mode.


Oh ya and I can’t forget baby planning~ we will have a new grandbaby in the next 2 months as well. Lots of fun times ahead.


With so much going on I need to constantly remind myself and get my perspectives in order or I will overwhelm myself. I don’t know if you are like that but most things that I post on my Facebook page are reminders to myself. I have had people ask, were you mentioning that because of me, etc. It is usually that I am reminding myself of who I am and who I am striving to be. With that being said I will leave you with this prayer that I found from Joyce Meyer Ministries~

A prayer for those desiring a new attitude: "God, I'm tired of going around with a negative attitude. I want to be a blessing to people, and I know I can if I'll just surrender my pride to You. Lord, I am humbled by your grace and I praise you for it. I know You're able to change my circumstances at any time. I want to prove to You that whether or not You do, I will still serve You. Help me to keep my heart humble and my mind focused on You. In Jesus' name, Amen.



  1. Such a sweet thought from Lecia! You have alot going on all the time would make anyone feel a little overwhelmed at times but you always handle it with grace! Great example to others. Warm Blessings! Amy

  2. So glad you liked your little surprise. So sweet of you and your husband to volunteer and help out with the shelter. Happy Birthday to your family members. Love all of your Americana creations! hugs, Lecia

  3. What a lovely package from Lecia. Random Acts of Kindness are always so cheerful. So nice of your husband to play for the craft fair. All of your new Americana items are so pretty. I love Americana themed things. Yes, time sure flies... soon it will be Summer :)

  4. Good morning Sara - first off - Thank you so much for my win...the BALL jar garland! Love it and I will be taking a picture soon to share. I love what Lecia sent you...after all your giving, I am sure it is wonderful to receive.
    Your Americana goodies are so lovely! Have a blessed day dear.