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Friday, July 8, 2011

Baking with a little green……..


What do you do with all of that  zucchini that you find yourself with this time of year???  I would love for you to share your  favorite zucchini recipes with me, as I am always looking for new ideas.



 I have an awesome recipe for zucchini bread. The top is so crunchy, but inside is so moist and yummy. The recipe  is for a small loaf, but with my family I can never do anything small, so I usually double it and sometimes double double. If by chance that there is any left after a few days, I usually freeze it and it freezes really well. flag-7


This time it made a large angel food pan, and two dozen muffins. Years ago I always got in the habit of making muffins along with the loaf cake, since I always had hungry little ones not wanting to wait til the large cake was done. It also left me an in tack cake to serve or take along with us for a special occasion.

Below is the recipe for a single loaf size bread. Give it a try and tell me what you think.

zucchini bread


Wishing you a blessed weekend!     ~Sara





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  1. Hi Sara!
    Thank you so much for visiting Concetta's Cafe and following! I am following you back too!
    Your recipe does sound delicious and your blog is just charming!
    Please visit again soon!

  2. Oh, I love breads like this. I have been making lots of strawberry, pumpkin, and banana bread for the kids as a snack and filler this summer. Thanks for linking it up at Home Sweet Home!