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Salmon Falls Prims

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fall……my favorite season……




Hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying the beautiful weather. I am looking forward to Fall, because it is my favorite season.







Some Colonial door boxes, and some signs…..fc-11~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

fall crafts-1 - Copy

…….and a Pilgrim couple~ aren’t they adorable??  wouldn’t they look great welcoming your guest to your door for

Thanksgiving Dinner??!!

These items as well as a few others are listed on etsy and also on my Salmonfallsprims Cocarus faacebook page.


~I think Fall is my favorite season because it is such a long season to “decorate”  and there are so many varieties of decorating themes, etc. I usually start  my decorating in mid August  with  sunflowers, and then add apples to the mix, and then I will add mums, pumpkins, cornstalks and of course scarecrows!!

Scarecrows are one of my absolute favorite decorating items, I even leave some out year round. One of my favorites is a scarecrow print that I have had for more than twenty years and it is left out so that I can enjoy it all year round.


It has the verse  from Ecclesiastes …….and a season to every purpose under heaven; and it has a scarecrow to represent  each season.

After trick-or-treat,  I will bring out my Pilgrims , and keep everything up until I decorate for Christmas which is usually the day after Thanksgiving. I would like to begin decorating for Christmas earlier as the season is just too short. But the rest of the family just doesn’t get my Christmas spirit, I guess. I actually like all four seasons. God has given us beauty in each and every season and I try to be thankful and look for the good in each.


Thank you for stopping by  ~Sara


  1. Sara, Love all your sneak peeks of fall. I , too, love that season, and can't wait to start my decorating. Will be so glad when we can feel a little fall in the air also. Love the colonial door boxes and the signs. The verse on the scarecrow pictue is my absoulte favorite one in the Bible. Thanks for sharing

  2. I'm longing for fall too. I love the weather, and the rich colors of the season. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fall is my favorite season too!! I love those pilgrims they are awesome!! =)

  4. Ohh I am such a summer girl- but do enjoy decorating for the fall. Thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  5. What cute prims you have. I so love fall and have been working on it this weekend! Can't wait to start blogging for fall. Thanks for joining me at Home Sweet Home!