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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Game day recipe……and pics with words




After growing up in a home where my Dad was co-captain of the football team, and both sons played football all through the years, the game is usually always on!! We grew up in New England so we will always cheer  for the New England teams. It doesn't matter what  season, “the game is on”!!

With all of those games, come hungry guys! So today I thought  I would share one of our new favorites recipes. It is called…..


 One Pot Dinner

Combine in pan- one chopped onion and 2 tablespoons of oil; add one pound of  hamburg and half pound of bacon (I cheat and use pre-cooked)    - cook all until done- (I also season mine with mesquite grill mates seasoning and salt and pepper)

In crock pot combine:

2~ 30 oz  cans of Pork and Beans (or any flavor you prefer- I used maple cured bacon flavored)

2~ 15 oz can of Butter Beans

2~ 15 oz cans Red Kidney Beans

1 cup of ketchup

1/2 cup of brown sugar

add hamburger mixture and simmer on low 8 hours or high 3-4 hours



So simple~ Enjoy!


I have been busy putting things back in order from the holidays. Tweaking and moving things. I will be back soon with some more home pics for you. On facebook at the  Primitive Pantry, we were asked for some pics of items around the house with sayings or words on them. I have a few I will share with you here.









Until next time….

Blessings ~Sara


  1. With five boys the games always on here too!! My five year olds father lives by Chicago...he thought he could turn Kaden into a Bears fan. However we live in can imagine how well THAT went over. I'm pretty sure we have him fully on board as a Packers fan. It may have something to do with me telling him he'd be beaten up at school if he was a bears fan, hehe! Your one pot dinner sounds good...I may have to try it! Katie

  2. I make this meal too but we call it calico beans. Hunting season is agood time of year for it here. I love your olde crow coffee sign. Blessings!

  3. Yummy recipe; thanks for sharing!

    Looks like you're a "blue" lover like me....


  4. Hi Sara, We sure did WIN last night. I got home from the hospital and my plan was to make my beef stew and homemade bread fro the football game, well it didn't that way. So hubby, my wonderful husband made a dip with cheese, crackers. pepperoni and he odered subs for our sons and him, they are BIG football FANS, me too, I had on my pink football shirt but I kept dozing off, had a hard day at the hospital, thank the Lord for my husband.
    Everytime they got a touchdown they tried hard not to jump up but I didn't mind.
    Your chili looked SOOO yummo!
    When my hubby retires in 7 yrs we are building a home in Cobsy Tenn., in the smokey muountains, he is 48 so we have a few yrs. to go but every summer vacation we goto TN!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your recipe with us!
    Blessings girlie,

  5. Hi, Sara~ yummy recipe~ thanks for sharing~
    displays are wonderful~ my fav is the anitque sign with the old black & white photos ~ very pretty & inspiring~
    have a wonderful day~

  6. That sounds like a great recipe ~ especially for those Patriot games!! WOOHOO!!!! My dad played football and my son was an all star in high school and college so it is big in our home too. I just might try that recipe next Saturday for the play off game!! Go Pats!!

    Love your sayings... I especially love samplers and stitcheries with sayings. You can imagine a young girl over a hundred years ago learning how to stitch on one!!

    Have a great week and did I say Go PATS!! Hugs!!

  7. Your one pot dinner sounds and looks delicious!

    I enjoyed looking through the pictures of your beautiful home!

    Have a wonderful week~

  8. Hi Sara,
    I want to thank your for your wonderful comment on my blog...always fun to see you there.
    Family is the best isn't it?

    Love your 'words' - I have so few it didn't pay to post them on the forum...I love all of yours. And that one pot meal...sounds delicious! Looks it too especially with that wonderful crusty bread. that a Salmon Falls Saltglaze bowl I see on the board????
    I have 7 of broke.
    I bought them on one of our OUT EAST trips that took us through Salmon Falls...I made a point of going to the factory/shop where they are made. FUNNNN.