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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

That time of year……for chicken soup and some baking



Everyone that I talk to has had some sort of cold or flu. It’s that time of year. We have been taking Airborne and keeping cold medicine handy. Well the kids and grandkids have all had something lately. Our daughter had it bad yesterday, so we took the kids for the day so she could rest. We  also have and elderly couple in our church, and the wife has dementia and we have been helping him out by doing weekly meals. This was our week, so we made a big batch of chicken rice soup, biscuits and cranberry bread. We brought the meal to them and I also sent some home with the kiddos to my daughter.


GEDC0095 (2)

I am al little tires and lazy this morning. (Just not used to a day with little ones). So anyway here  is the recipe for the cranberry orange bread. So yummy !

GEDC0100 (2)

The chicken soup is pretty easy~ I will share my recipe next time.


We had lots of fun times with the kiddos. Layla and I did a little sewing. We made a pink heart for her and a little doll dress for her Barbie.

GEDC0086 (2)

Isaiah went out to the workshop with Papa and got to build with some wood scraps and tools.( Papa is busy working on some new projects for me. )They played hard, but didn’t want to rest. Surprise!

GEDC0083 (2)

While we were sewing we made a few more hearts to put around the house. A few here in my wall box.


GEDC0093 (2)

And we tucked one in the arms of my favorite snowman.


I have been working on a few new items for spring. Not quite finished yet.  A little decorating for President’s day as well. Constant change. New pics next time. What have you all been up too?? 


I will leave you with a quote from the assistant principal at my children's High School. Every morning they would here this~

~“Make it a good day or not, the choice is yours.”~

Mr. Fitz





  1. Yum! The cranberry bread looks delicious and I don't even like cranberries, haha!

    What precious time you spent with the grandkids. I'm sure they love coming to visit. I know they enjoy making and doing things right alongside you and hubby. That is wonderful! Cute hearts you made!

    Have a delightful week~

  2. Yummy, I make homemade chicken soup my the old fashion way, my Grandma's recipe and it tastes so good when you are sick or on a cold day.
    The cranberry bread looks yummy too.
    Cute pictures of the grand kids, I loved being with my Grandma!
    Have a great night,

  3. Morning Sara,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog...I always love seeing you arrive there!

    Thanks for the bread recipe and what a great group to take turns helping this family - I'm sure the gentleman is so appreciative of it all.

    Adorable grandchildren - isn't it fun when they love to do what we are doing...I'm amazed at all you accomplished though!
    Adorable hearts and where you placed them.

    Have a wonderful day,

  4. Hi Sara... I love your header.. Sweet...
    You are so kind to help out.. That is what it is all about, eh? Your grandchildren are sweet.. They must have had fun..
    God bless..

  5. Hi Sara, thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following you too. Sorry about all the sickness going around, we have had our share too. Nothing beats chicken soup though. Love your home!