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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new year ……..



A new year, new changes, taking inventory of  life………


That’s what we do isn’t it??!! We start the new year off right! We eat right, change habits, exercise more. You know, you have done it many times!!! It all sounds good and then, wham, something comes along and takes the wind out of your sails and you slide back. This year I am not going  to get all  hyped about  “changes”!! I am just going to go back to the basics…….remind myself of what I want to be, where I want to go and what it is that I find important.

Above is a picture of a drink that I have made for years. When my youngest son was little he used to call it “nice drink”, so that is what we have called it. It is soooo simple and good for you!

Nice Drink

16oz. of nonfat plain yogurt(1/2 of a large container)

16 frozen whole strawberries

2 bananas

splash of any kind of juice to mix(I use apple)

combine in blender and pour into glasses



New Years Eve 2011


We spent New Years Eve having fun with family. We ate lots of good food and had an awesome time with our “Yankee Swap”! Our daughter Amber and son-in-law Josh were gracious enough to host both families this year!


This is Amber and Layla


Their beautiful home and Christmas tree!


Yummy Lemon Bars that our son-in-laws Mom made.


Can you see all of the “Chef Guys” that she loves to collect?!!


My daughters Lasagna


home made rolls (frozen bread dough makes awesome bread and rolls) and sweet and sour Kielbasa(Slice Kielbasa, broil, and cover with La Choy sweet and sour sauce)


garlic parmesan roll ups that I made (crescent rolls spread with roasted garlic oil, Italian seasoning, parmesan cheese, and a little cheddar. Roll up, slice and bake)



CHEERS!!! ~Our daughter Lizabeth



fun game that I quickly lost!!


Hubby’s cute jammies~ that he quickly traded for a foosball game (and then donated it to our son-in-laws “Man Cave”…… ie garage.


Joshua and his brother Daniel~ Foosball


Josh’s Mom Cheri and sister Christina


Daniel was so happy with his dented soup can! lol


So much fun with the Yankee Swap~ Our son-in-law Roy, our son Micah and his girlfriend Leigh




Liz showing her Vanna White skills!!



Amber had such fun gifts…..



Today we(Timothy) grilled some burgers in the warm California sunshine, (some of us took naps), undecorated our Christmas tree and burned it in the new fire pit. Another year begins the same as the past one ended.

New ideas to be brought to life, people to care about, life to be lived!!!

Happy New Year and may all of your resolutions come to fruition!

Do you make resolutions??? What will be different this year??? Share what it is you will be doing different.




  1. Hi Sara,
    Happy New Year!
    Looks like you all had a fabulous evening.

  2. Hey Sara, thanks for joining in my 2 giveaways. I joined your blog alittle while back and I LOVE it.
    You all look like you had a great holiday!!!!

    The drink you posted sounds YUMMY, I am going to try that for sure.
    Our oldest son is in college and is 20 yrs. old and as you saw Matthew is our baby in high school. I feel empty with our oldest going back to college from break and I ALWAYS CRY, my husband will say oh no Mom is ready for the waterfall. I can't help it. I am a stay home Mom and I have a shop on my blog and it is doing every well, my husband helped me with it but my whole life was a Mom to love, care, love more and give great values to our sons and I feel lost and then Matt will be going to college after graduation. He is in 11th grade so we have time but he gets great grades and he works part-time after school then home eats and does homework.

    My hubby said don't worry you will get used to it but I DON't think so!

    Hubby is going to retire in 7 yrs and we are building our dream home in Cobsy, Tenn. the smokey mountains and our sons said that were going to come and make their life there so I have to be HAPPY about that.
    I am sorry Sara that I went on and on, I just hope that this is normal to feel empty and that is with only one gone.
    On the bright side my Best Friend, soul mate, my husband ,he is my life will be able to start a new chapter in our lives.
    Thank again for signing up for my 2 giveaways and I am so glad that you and I are on each other's blog.

    Hope to get to know yu better.

    Prim Blessings and Hugs,

  3. Sara, Wow! What a post! Your family is amazing and look like they are having sooo much fun! I want to try a couple of your recipes, everything looks so good!
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, come back again and I will do the same!
    {{HUGS}} Joy