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Monday, February 20, 2012

So thankful, and playing catch up…



That nasty flu bug hit me last week, and I am still trying to catch up. I woke up Valentines day with that nasty stomach flu. I was out of it for quite a few days. I don’t usually get sick, but when I do  it is awful!! I did have wonderful caregivers while I was sick My daughters and grandchildren stopped by on Valentines to drop off some goodies for me and for Papa. Papa was home so he spent the day taking car of me. I received flowers, gifts, and cards. Boy am I spoiled.




I also received a few boxes in the mail. One box contained New cell phones, mine had stopped working and I was out of touch with everyone. So this past week  have had to try to figure out the new phone. It seems that once you figure out a phone you need a new one. Sorry if I have called anyone unintentionally this week. lol (hubby made an 11 minute call across country- oh well). Another box was something that I had ordered for spring.


This adorable beeswax bunny, riding a chicken is so adorable. It is created by Willow B Primitives. She is on facebook and you can Click on the pic to bring you to her etsy shop. She also included a cute little surprise. A heart cupboard hang was also included in the box. They both smell so good, it sure perked up my day!! Thank you so much!!


Both of these items fit right in with my décor.



Not sure where it will stay.

I also ordered these wonderful personalized tumblers from one of my friends. My son-in-laws birthday was this past week and he is a big fan of the San Francisco Giants- and “Fear the Beard” Brain Wilson. Diane from Perfectly Yours created these awesome drink cups for him. Thank you Diane. You can find Diane on facebook at Perfectlyours Personalized Gifs. Click on pic to find her. I know that Joshua really liked his.


So much going on, so many things to catch up on.

More orders for the American Girls Doll furniture. I love choosing fabric, but it takes me so long. So many choices. I really haven’t had any lessons for sewing, except in Junior High…..years…..ago!! I am considering taking a quilt course. Sounds like fun, more to learn. Here are some of the color choices. So fun.



Thank you for all of your kind words and care for me while I was under the weather. The blogging world is so full of amazing people!!  Well off to create and catch up. Blessings for a great week!! ~Sara


  1. Goodness! Didn't realize you were that sick. Glad your man was able to take care of you. But it sounds like you had a good week.

    Love that beeswax bunny you bought and the extra is sweet too!

    Get to feeling better soon!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.

  2. Hi Sara,
    How sad to have the flu on Valentine's day...but you had some sweet little helpers. What a nice husband too...aren't we blessed!
    Your bunny/chick is adorable - I love that it looks like Chocolate.
    Wonderful choice of fabrics - you have a good eye for colors going together.


  3. Hi Sara,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am so happy to have found you and LOVE your decor. Can't wait to go thru your past posts.