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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Welcome to my New England home…..(lots of pics)

Come on in take a walk down memory lane with me. As I was going through boxes of pictures, looking for pics of our New England home,  I was disappointed with what I found at first. After going through boxes and boxes, I realized why I wasn’t finding what I was looking for. I have memories of things, but they weren't captured on film. Life is like that, you have to take it all in so you remember it well, because  in life there are no re-do’s! So I realized as I was going through memory lane in pictures, of why. You see as you go through life there are  things and times when you take pics. When you want to remember a special event. And that is mostly what I have.  Lots and lots of special memory pics. Life has been busy and fulfilling!  When I look back and wonder why I didn’t capture the  renovations of our home or the first garden the children helped us with or the new light fixture that I just had to have, I realize……life was happening. There were  mouths to feed, diapers to change, laundry to do, Church, Sunday School, homework, soccer practice, grocery shopping, cheering competitions, football games under the lights,  chorus concertsbasketball games, special homework projects (up til midnight), sleepovers, birthday parties, family Christmas celebrations, pool parties, well you know ….life. Then there were ailing parents, with special dietary needs, dr appointments,  hospitalizations, surgeries, insulin needles to fill, pills to lay out, heart wrenching medical decisions to be made,…oh you know. Then there was work, hubby usually worked two jobs, and I had two or three as well to keep things running smoothly, as well as volunteering at church and hosting the annual church picnic, sharing our home with those in need at holiday times. Ya, that was our life. As you get older you realize that it went so fast. (I didn’t think that so much in the midst of all the exhausting days). Well here are some pics we did happen to safe, not the best in quality but it is what it is.



Come on in and let me share with you our home back in New England….



A very green and beautiful landscape, next to a corn field.


Summers were beautiful!!! We had a vegetable garden, and many, many flower beds.







ooohhhh my favorite…..Echinacea




Snow!!  And usually lots of it.

~ The black box on the right is a wood box and it was always full of wood, just waiting to keep us nice and cozy in our comfy home.SCAN0327

Inside ~the family room, and that is what it was, a place for family to gather. There was always something going on with four children and friends and family… was happening.SCAN0324









This room had a very high cathedral ceiling with plenty of room for a large Christmas Tree.




We had built “z doors” like this one with the hand hewn iron strap hinges, for most all of the doors in our home.


Come into the kitchen~ the place where most of the action would take place. All of the meals were prepared, lunches made, homework sitting at the bar……


The painting on the side of the island we made was hand painted by me .









Here are some pictures of the dining room through the years. But below is a picture of what it usually looked like. It was usually full of happy laughing people celebrating life.













Lots of room in this old house to spread out. There were five bedrooms, kitchen, dining, den, family room, screen porch. A long hallway with a craft room and a little shop, and many storage closets, all with “z doors”.The hallway was lined with rough wood on one side and bead board on the other. Wide pine boards on the floor here and in the family room……oh I miss them so.!!


There was also a pool, a large deck for entertaining and a place to enjoy a warm fire on a cool evening.











This is a picture of one of the many pieces of furniture that we left behind when we moved across country. This dry sink was a favorite of mine, and it may be replaced soon.


well here is a pic of how I felt at the end of the day…..


~a picture is worth a thousand words~


~and below is the reason that we moved across country to California~

GEDC0106 (3)


Well I don’t want you to get to exhausted with me, so  I will save more for another day. Thank you all for visiting and please make sure to stop in again. Wishing you Blessings for a wonderful weekend!! Oh ya         ~ Go Pats!!!



I guess you know what we will be doing tomorrow.


I have been working on a few more items in the workshop and will share them with you soon. Here are a couple pics to tease you with. GEDC0134


I will be back soon to share some more hearts with you. ~Sara



  1. Enjoyed my trip down memory lane with you.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Thank you for sharing, loved seeing pics of your previous home.
    GO PATS!!!

  3. Sara, thank you for allowing me to go down memory lane with you. I enjoyed the visit. I did my blog on life tonight and it happens and we have been too busy living to enjoy it. Loved your pictures. thanks for sharing

  4. Loved all your prim home & furniture, at your old place! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


  5. Your homestead in amazing, with family, friends and food. I liked to see all the different holidays, summer, Christmas and everyone around the table.
    The BEST picture was of you and your beautiful grand baby and you were sound asleep!PICTURE perfect.
    Thank you for sharing.
    GO PAT'S!!!!!!!!
    Have a great Sunday,

  6. Love all the pictures of your New England home. Thanks for sharing your memories!

  7. You had a beautiful home back then too! Yes, there are 3 kids here and we are in the middle of all of that, that you call living life!

    Enjoyed your old home tour, thanks for sharing with us~