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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Around town and Carol’s giveaway

It is March and it is coming in like a Lion, that is in most of the states across this big country of ours!  I have a few pics to share with you. These pictures are just random shots from around town as I was out and about. It is orange season now and all of the trees are full. In a few weeks it will be strawberry season as well. 



This is the neighbors yard~ orange tree.


Here are a few  food facts about this large state that  I live in….

California has been the number one food and agricultural producer in the United States for more than 50 consecutive years.                                                                                           More than half the nation's fruit, nuts, and vegetables come from here.                                                                                      California is the nation's number one dairy state.                                                                                               California's leading commodity is milk and cream. Grapes are second.                                                                                                 California's leading export crop is almonds.                  Nationally, products exclusively grown (99% or more) in California include almonds, artichokes, dates, figs, kiwifruit, olives, persimmons, pistachios, prunes, raisins, clovers, and walnuts.                                                                                      From 70 to 80% of all ripe olives are grown in California.        California is the nation's leading producer of strawberries, averaging 1.4 billion pounds of strawberries or 83% of the country's total fresh and frozen strawberry production. Approximately 12% of the crop is exported to Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Japan primarily. The value of the California strawberry crop is approximately $700 million with related employment of more than 48,000 people.                                                                                 California produces 25% of the nation's onions and 43% of the nation's green onions.                                                             Gilroy, California, "Garlic Capitol of the World," has hosted 2 million at the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival.


This is what lines the main highway in the spring/summer.


Come on along for a tour around the city~


These are pics from around town~ waterfall in the center of Redding.


Mt. Shasta


GEDC0073 (2)



Where our youngest son is attending




GEDC0075 (2)

GEDC0069 (2)








Hope that you enjoyed the tour.


I also want to let you know that Carol from Buttermilk Creek Farm is hosting her first blogiversary giveaway. Click on the pick below to take you to her blog.



Blessings for a great day!!



  1. March is like a lamb for us right now, it is sunny, quiet, and beautiful here today. I would so love to have an orange tree in my yard, how fun that would be!

    My, CA is known for lots of things! I'm sure it's because of all that nice sunny weather you all have practically year round. It's so beautiful where you live! I did enjoy the tour, thank you for sharing your pictures. You are so fortunate to see palm trees and mountains all the time! Even in the city, they are so pretty. I enjoyed visiting you today Sara~

  2. Definitely a Lion here!!

    Loved seeing photos of where you live, I just love mountain views!