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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Remembering my Dad

Happy Father's Day

handsome guy
with mom and I
with his sweetheart
my parents~ mom was sitting on her own hope chest and didn't know it
this was right before he proposed
part of the family - when I was a baby
Co-Captain of the Somersworth High School Hilltoppers football team
Mom and Dad at my wedding~ 1980

Just a few photos and memories of my Dad; he has been gone 11 years and I still miss him and have things that I would like to share with him. He would have loved how all of his grandchildren have grown and to see his great grandchildren.

Memories are kept forever,
Lasting all life through,
Ours are very special,
Because they are of you,
Time doesn't heal the heartache,
...Or stop a silent tear,
Or take away the longing,
For the one we loved so dear....

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