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Saturday, December 15, 2012

All I Want For Christmas~



Awaking this morning, I was thinking about all I have to do and then I remembered….. I remembered the horror that took place yesterday. And so I've decided that today, I'm not going to clean or finish decorating or try to get my shopping done. Today I'm going to go and hug my grandchildren~  because I can.
Yes, there is so much to do!  I'm hosting my family at Christmas but if my house isn't clean enough, all those dishes and goodies I think I MUST have don't get made, or that gift just doesn't get purchased, oh well.
Today, there are grandparents who will never have the opportunity to watch their grandchild in the Christmas Pageant, take their first bike ride, lose their first tooth. There are parents planning funerals instead of buying another present.
Today I will spend time in prayer for those who are grieving, and share time with those that I love.Today, I will give thanks for all the ways that I am blessed.
Today I choose joy, and love and family.

(adapted from my friend Kathy, thank you for the reminder)


I will be putting together a giveaway today, however. It just seems fitting. Please come back later and check it out. It will only be for a few short days, so that it has time to get in the mail for Christmas (priority mail).



Go hug your babies~ Sara






  1. God bless the children...I just can't put it out of my mind., because it is so burned into my heart.

    wonderfully said Sara.


  2. Hi Sara, so very heartbreaking, such evil out there, do not believe there could be........prayers all all the families......Will be back to see you later, Hugs Francine.

  3. Sara, like minds think alike. I am hosting a get together of friends here on Monday and today was clean, bake and prepare day. Instead I spent it with HOlly and Darbee Rae. Saying prayers for those poor families who have lost their loved ones, but thanking God even more for the family I have.

  4. Beautifully did Sara!My thoughts and prayers for everyone.It is such a sad time for our country.Hugs and God Bless,Jen

  5. What you said is so so true! Praying here also!
    Be blessed Sara!

  6. Oh Sara - What a lovely post - and one worth ready every day! Thank you so much - Blessings

  7. A lovely and heart-felt post... Thank you for sharing your tender heart...