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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sweet Princess Birthday; and some life happenings


Only 3 years old and such a beautiful little “adult” in a child's body. lol This little granddaughter is the most polite and social little girl. She doesn’t miss a thing and is so world smart already. She was welcoming everyone to her party(princess party), thanking everyone for her gifts and making them all feel welcome and special. She would open a a gift and say things like; “thank you so much, I don’t have one of these, that was so nice of you”.lol. We gave her several things, but one was a pink little box with a purple butterfly knob to open it, we told her she could use it to put her little doll accessories in. She picked it up and immediately carried it into her room. She said, “Oh this needs to go in my room”.  Oh to be a child again. Grandchildren are the best!











I have had so many things to share with you all, I have wanted to keep up with everyone's blogs, and I also wanted to have a giveaway. But sometimes life gets in the way. We are in the middle of our last show of the year. GEDC1142

One more weekend and that will be all for this year. We have been so busy with that an also orders on etsy. GE DIGITAL CAMERA

This time of year everyone wants American girls doll furniture and kitchen play sets.

prim American girls







and a few custom items~


That is a good thing since hubby has been laid off and no unemployment in over a month now.(thank you all for your care, concern and prayers) Hopefully it will be coming soon. We have also had an opportunity to display our creations in a store that is opening this week. Not quite sure how that will go, but I think we will give it a shot and see how it goes.Lots of new adventures ahead. Just praying and taking one day at a time.

This is our all time best seller~




  1. Your granddaughter is so cute & I can only imagine the amazing adult she will become : ) You are still in my prayers. I'm glad to hear that God is providing busy sales for you while DH has been laid off. Best of luck with the new store!

  2. Morning sweet is your Granddaughter, great party.........So happy to hear your doing well with the selling of your wonderful crafts, God watches over us indeed.......Blessings Francine.

  3. Sara,
    your little princess is darling! It must be so fun to create wonderful treasures for her.
    I'm happy for you that your sales have been great.............I know the sales I had during these last few months helped us when Tom was recovering. We had no income for three months but God lead us through for which we are truly grateful. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Bless you,

  4. Sara,your granddaughter is precious!It is wonderful to know that you are doing well with your sales.Will continue to pray for you.Hugs,Jen

  5. Sara, your princess is beautiful! don't they make the hard times easier? Praying your new adventure opens new doors. God is always with us, even we feel He isn't.