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Friday, June 24, 2011

My Amazing Box Came Today


I knew that it was coming because I had ordered it, but I wasn’t quite sure what was inside. Let me explain…..You see we moved to California from New Hampshire about three years ago. Back in NH, especially  the Seacoast Area, there are many little shops that sell handmade items. There are antique shops, craft malls, country stores that sell homemade breads and cheeses,  boardwalks on the coast, and so many fun shops too numerous to mention. One shop in particular became one of my absolute favorites. As soon as you enter the driveway you are surrounded with “Primitive Goodness”! The grounds are beautifully landscaped, there are large and small decorative items everywhere you look. There are birdhouses, flowers, wagons, barn stars…well you get the point. When you enter the shop, your senses awaken with the delights of potpourri and candles wafting in the air. Well since we have  moved it has been hared to find some of the “necessary items” that I so took for granted. Buying from the internet is wonderful, but there are some things that you just can’t be sure of what you are getting, especially when it comes to your senses. Well the shop I am talking about is Susie's Bittersweet Treasures.  It is an amazing shop and if you are ever in or near Rochester NH, I urge you to drive on over and check it out. You surely wont be disappointed. Well I e-mailed Susie when I found out that A Primitive Place magazine was holding a magazine signing at Susie's shop. I explained the things that I would like her to send me including a signed copy of A Primitive Place magazine and she responded, “I know exactly what you want and I will get that right out to you”. Well she DID know “EXACTLY” what I wanted because as you can see from the pictures it is all simply amazing. I just wish that you could smell the wonderful potpourri that includes little white stars and rusty bells, that is filling my house with a wonderful aroma.



This is what arrived in the box…..


 Here are a few more pics.








You can find Susie's Bittersweet Treasures on Facebook  or on the web at

And You can find A Primitive Place magazine on Facebook or on the web at


  1. Hello! I found your blog through Susie's Facebook page!! I love her shop it is amazing and so isn't the yard also! What a big move you made all the way across the country, I live in NH and have all of my life. I love it here. You got some wonderful goodies from Susie's what a sweetheart for sending them to you! I look forward to following your blog! =)

  2. You got some wonderful things! That big chunky candle looks just gorgeous.

  3. Wow, great I hope you come stroll in my garden when you read your APP mag!