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Saturday, June 11, 2011

a new bread box

~ when you begin to "re-decorate" and you change one item in the house, your turn and look and behold ....something else needs an update. This new item came along as necessity. As long as I can remember I have used a basket as a bread box. In my earlier days it was a large basket that we had purchased on our travels to Bucks County, PA. when we were first married. It was very useful and sat on the counter covered with a pretty tea towel. When we moved the basket....well didn't come with us. So I have been using a small basket and as the family is growing and changing and we now can "entertain", the small basket just wasn't "big enough". I have always wanted a bread box, but never seemed to find something I liked. So again, the ideas started rolling and I knew what I wanted in my head, I just needed to get the ideas out. The first step was a trip to a home improvement store. I found the perfect "hardware"! I knew what color I wanted and I knew it had to be large. The rest I left up to my loving husband and together we compromised on the final result. A large red bread box, able to hold bread and all of those other products that usually clutter the counter. I simply love this bread box, even though it is quite large and takes up a big space on the counter. But I especially love that the counter space is left uncluttered, and it fits perfectly with my primitive decorating. Thank you for stopping by~ Sara

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