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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sharing what I have won

This is the caption under the photo:
My inspiration for decorating my house is to step back in time when life was simpler and generations of family gathered to enjoy each other’s company. I can remember a time on Memorial Day (Decoration Day as my Grandpa Fagan called it), when he would bring us to the parade and instruct us to cover our heart as the American Flag passed by. My home reflects the patriotic theme and is comfy and welcoming to all who enter.

Today I was really excited when I went to the mailbox and found a package. Everyone loves getting packages in the mail! As I carefully opened it I could tell there was a fragrance coming from the box, mmm. As I opened it I found a wonderful candle, a cute hanging snowman and a little wooden simplify block. This box came from Lone Crow Mercantile from North Carolina. Cathy had started a new facebook page and to get interest in the page she held a decorating contest. The contest was that you had to have a photo, state your decorating style or what inspires you, then you had to have the most comments about your photo. I have to say I was really overwhelmed by all of the nice comments about my room, I try to make my home welcoming for all who enter so it was really nice to get all of the wonderful feedback. I have such great friends and family who are always supporting me.

The photo below is the picture that was submitted and the other pic is the goodies that I have received.....Thank you to every one especially Cathy at Lone Crow Mercantile, I know that she is a very busy lady, and has taken time out to send me these nice "goodies"! So if you are ever in Benson, North Carolina please look her up.

Thanks for your support ~Sara


  1. that was so nice!!! i'm glad you won and got a gift too what a bonus!

  2. Hi, Sara, I joined your blog and thank you for your sweet comment you lefted on my blog!

    I just love your blog and excited to join!

    Summer Blessings,